Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring in the garden

Hello everyone!

Hasnt the recent warm spell of weather brought the gardens on a treat?

Here are some little everyday, but nontheless amazing little treasures I spotted recently in my garden on a warm spring day:

Self seeded bluebells, we live (as the crow flies as they say) about a mile and a half from the most amazing woodland which at the moment is carpeted by bluebells (btw can you see the little critter on the tree trunk?!)

Self seeded violets - these seem so common everywhere now, but it wasnt always like that - I can remember my Dad going to all sorts of trouble to culivate them.

Such a pity that so many look on daisies and dandelions as weeds, they are just as amazing as cultivated flowers.

The strawberries are flowering, the earliest I can ever remember!

Simple pleasures, but amazing all the same!!



  1. You have to be really quick in our house to get the strawberries from out of the garden. I think every garden should have daisies!

    Lou xxx

  2. Our garden is overpopulated with dandelions at the mo - they grow so fast, they're everywhere!! Would much rather have daisies though - so much prettier! xx


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