Friday, 29 April 2011

Hand made flowers

Hello everyone, hope the easter hols are still going with a swing!

At work recently my students were doing their art enrichment session, with the theme of layered collages.  The session was led by my colleague, and I was joining in, assisting etc and generally having a grand old time!  These sessions are so amazing, our students have had a pretty hard time of it in mainstream education and these creative sessions show the talents they have as well as allowing us valuable pastoral time.

So I decided to get my hands dirty and created a flower:

Here it is in more detail:

Q - can you guess what it is made of (answer at the end of this post!)

Then I made a fabric flower from the scraps at the bottom of the art supplies box

Both flowers are going to be used by 2 of my students as part of much larger collage projects, cant wait to see how these turn out!

I just love how art and craft activities really help to calm and de-stress - it has that effect on the young people I work with as well.


(A- the flower was made from blue paper hand towels and then coloured by areosol paint!)

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