Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fungi Foray

Since being a young child I have been fascinated by fungi.  We used to go walking in the local woods, looking at all the extraordinary examples of fungi and then have a go at identifying them with a Collins Little Gem book. 

These days I love to take photos of the fleeting beauty of fungi - many species are here today - gone tomorrow.  So, with long-suffering DH in tow I visited our local Outwoods and started snapping away, often crawling on the floor to get the best shots.  Love that macro setting :)

So, here are some of the shots I managed to get - sit back and enjoy!

Love the green of the moss in this photo...

peeking from amongst the fallen leaves...

Parasol mushroom, can almost imagine fairies sheltering beneath it...

bracket fungi on a fallen birch log...

Small cluster of toadstools, these really were quite tiny...

Beefsteak fungi, this was blood red in reality...

I love the way that fungi makes the most of dead wood, true recycling at its best...

spotted these just at the edge of the path amongst a cluster of hazel trees...

Underside of bracket fungi, I love the patterning.  I can just imagine how Marimekko use natural inspiration for their designs when I see this picture. 

A fun afternoon, even DH got into the act in the end, pointing out examples I had missed.  However, I will need to go back to the woods soon as I did not, on this occasion, see any examples of the red and white spotted Fly Agaric.  Any excuse really to visit the woods, especially in the Autumn, is fine by me!



  1. Wow, you found a LOT of varieties! I also love seeing them in their natural surroundings. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Helen, I just scrolled back and had such a nice visit catching up on your news. I never would have guessed you are a fan of car races, although I can appreciate the interest and excitement of watching them especially in person as I have from time to time. Visiting some of Stratford on Avon through your lens and narrative is a treat! Lemon cake and pumpkin pie and ginger-pumpkin men all look so tempting! Your autumnal photos are beautiful! What are those plump orange berries called? My son Tim and I saw some similar in Maine and have not figured out what they are yet. I so admire your latest crochet productivity!!! Works of art!!! And finally, the fungi in this post are fascinating. My brother-in-law was a northern CA expert in identifying mushrooms and while I fail in remembering names, I enjoy viewing the many varieties. Thanks for posting! xx

  3. I just appreciate sseing them but I can't eat them .... allergy !!! Enjoy with the season and have a lovely day !

  4. Very fun,fungi post.

  5. I love a good fungi foray too! The bracket fungus in the last photo is called blushing bracket - I can tell from that distinctive gill patterning. It's called blushing because the underside discolours if you touch it. I think those little ones in photo 5 are sulphur tuft mushrooms. (I always try to ID what I find, and we went on a fungi ID course a few weeks ago!)


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