Sunday, 12 October 2014

Season of mists...

...and mellow fruitfulness.  And this morning is certainly misty and mellow.  Last night was very clear, with the moon and stars shining brightly.  DH and I went out for a night-time walk, I love walking later on in the evening, walking down the so-familiar streets that seem somehow much less familiar when it is dark.  I love walking past the houses, with the lamps shining through the windows, makes me feel cosy somehow!

This morning however, the mist has fallen and everything looks different yet again.  So, jacket on and outside with the camera, to capture the moment before the mist disappears as silently as it arrived.

Trees, shrouded by mists, but autumn colour still visible...

Everything silent in the early morning...

Fruitfulness...with spiders busy at their work...

Quite chilly out this morning at 7.30 when these photos were taken, so when I came back inside, the kettle was switched on for a coffee.  And I noticed that there were still some of the delicious spiced cookies left from my DD's cooking session yesterday...

She has made a new recipe, this includes all the usual spices but includes a spoonful of pumpkin puree - and the difference this makes is extraordinary!  Perhaps I should put her forward for Great British Bake Off next year!  Bless her, she wouldn't  like to be on TV.  Did you watch the final this week?  I don't think the standard was quite as good as in previous weeks, but to be fair the pressure really was on.  My DD and I watched each episode avidly each week, and we are now feeling quite lost as it was the only bit of TV we watched that didn't involve sport or the news!  Hopefully they will do a Christmas special or something like that.

Well, the rest of the family are beginning to stir so had better away and get on with a few jobs.  Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. I am a fellow evening walker. That's what I dislike about the Summer, the evenings, although nice and long they do not give me the darkness that I like to walk in. My favourite things are the silouhettes of the trees at night and the quiet.

  2. I like walking or even driving through neighborhoods in the evening, there is something mysterious about a lamplit interior - you really get amazed at the thought of so many different lives and stories, each one so different from the other. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. hi helen, beautiful misty pics,oh I love this time of year. I loved GBBO this year,i just love mary berry. those cookies look yummy. hope you have a lovely week,love juliexxx

  4. I love misty mornings, the quiet it provides is rather soothing. Hugs to you and have a wonderful week,

  5. I LOVE misty days! YUM-your daughter's spiced cookies made with a bit of pumpkin puree sound totally amazing! Maybe she should do a guest post :):):)


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