Monday, 3 March 2014

The Impossible Beauty of Al Mezquita

We visited al Mezquita (the Grand Mosque of Cordoba) early each morning during our stay in Cordoba as our hotel was on the same street (how great was that!  Thanks Sue for recommending it to us).

I cannot find the words to describe how I felt when I walked into the building, I was moved to tears by the beauty and the history of the place...

While the rest of Europe was in the Dark Ages, this absolute gem of a place was being built by the Moors of Spain...

The direction of prayer for the worshippers in the Mosque:

Some historians have said the design of the columns and arches represented palm trees, one of the trees of paradise...

...and that the design was meant to give an idea of infinity to those that worshipped there....

The detail on the Mihrab was astonishing....

No words can truly describe how I felt actually being there, so many different feelings...

On leaving the building the old Minaret loomed out of the morning mist....

we headed back to our hotel for breakfast, both lost in our thoughts.   What a privilege it was to actually see the Mezquita for ourselves.

Back again soon I hope with our visit to the Alcazar.



  1. What an amazing structure! My mind boggles when trying to envision how it was planned and constructed.

  2. It was so beautiful, I couldn't get my brain around how it was physically possible to build such an awesome building all those years ago, and whilst it was partially wrecked by the next religion that took over the building, they did at least have the foresight to leave quite a bit of its beauty behind.

  3. You are o lucky to have been able to visit this magnificent place! Thanks so much for sharing those wonderful images! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What an amazing place have you been. I am sure the words can´t describe its beauty enough. Looks like a fairytale to me :-))
    Thanks for sharing :-))

    Hugs, Minnamarika

  5. I've loved looking at your photos so far - and these are no exception! What an overwhelming combination of art and architecture - simply stunning. So glad you could share your pics of this sumptuous building xxx


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