Sunday, 23 March 2014

On a clear day... can see forever...

Last weekend we went out for a walk in our local countryside.  The sky was so blue...

And sometimes you can see reasonably familiar farmyard friends...

But other creatures might hail from somewhere a little more exotic...

They guard the sheep apparently...

Wonder who lives in this wonderful house...

Such a lovely early Spring day, ideal for a walk with DH, who enjoys climbing hills, so our local Beacon Hill was just the thing.  And I always take my camera so that I can stop and have a breather take photos for my blog...and DH even treated me to a coffee half way around our 8 mile route.  No photo of that I'm afraid I drank it rather quickly!

On arrival home another pot of sunny daffodils cheered me on with the washing up...

Hope you are making the most of an early Spring weekend!



  1. What a beautiful walk - I think I'd have needed a large slice of cake with my coffee to keep me going! Jane x

  2. A beautiful walk and cool animals. Llamas are awesome!

  3. It looks like a lovely place to walk. How interesting to see llamas! I enjoy watching them.

  4. A beautiful walk, a beautiful blanket, a beautiful cake, that I am sure is gone by now. Happy Birthday to your 20 year old, I have one too and I think he is very special.

  5. Looks like alovely walk thanks for sharing loving the llama's
    Clare x

  6. The Countryside around us is so beautiful, having spent so much time in London recently, I really do appreciate what we have on our doorstep, That house is beautiful, and I've had the pleasure of spending some time there, and some of my children have actually slept there..... coming back to our humble abode was really quite difficult :( See you tomorrow, SueXxx

  7. I am so glad the Spring with its sunshine and flowers have arrived at last

  8. Thanks for letting us enjoy some of the sights you saw, Helen. The creatures look well loved, and the countryside, beautiful! xx

  9. 8 Miles?? Oh wow, what a great work out!!
    You live in an amazing area, I would love to have those sorts of views!
    You're blessed!
    I hope you have a great week,
    Tammy x

  10. echo echo…8 miles?? I'd have more than a cup of coffee halfway! GOod for you.
    Fireman wants me to do a cycling trip in may with him. You can eat all the chocolate you want at rest stops….I think I'll pass

  11. What a lovely walk :) The weather wasn't that nice around here last weekend, and the one just gone had been lovely, but we didn't find enough time for a walk, sadly. I'd love to visit Beacon Hill, I've heard about it in lots of places!


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