Saturday, 22 March 2014

Crochet Blanket Challenge Update - Week 12

Good morning, and Happy Springtime to you all!  True to form, here in my part of the UK so far the Spring has brought some high winds and heavy rain showers, but still some sunshine in between so no complaints.

Anyhow, I thought it due time to post an update on my progress with the Crochet Blanket Challenge.  During the Christmas holidays I had bought into the idea that I could make one Granny Square each week, with the aim to have a decent sized blanket by the end of 2014.  You may have thought "oh, she has gone a bit quiet on her blog about this, probably given up, oh well, it was a big project..." but, dear readers, I have been crocheting squares when and where I can.  I am now on week 12 of of this project (3 months in, oh my where has that time gone?!).  Here are my efforts of recent weeks:

Lovely to take some photos in natural, sunny light...

Here are all my squares tucked into their little bag for safe keeping, there are actually 48 of them in total....

You may have noticed that the pink squares are all huddled together, I am now not so sure I want to include them - do they go with the washed out wintry Scandi shades...what do you think?  Should they stay or should they go? (Will now have the Clash song running through my head for the rest of the day). If they go I can certainly make something with them, perhaps a cushion for my DD...

All this crochet is certainly making me feel quite chirpy.  Other cheerful things this week include this super bargain picked up during the weekly shop at Aldi for the princely sum of £2.99:

loads of lovely blanket patterns (yes, I think I have caught the blanket bug well and truly) and for half the price of a magazine.  What's not to like?

Also, my second eldest celebrated leaving his teenage years behind by turning 20 years old.  DD made this brilliant cake for him (he loves Chocolate Oranges)

Well, must away, a busy day awaits.  Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I am loving your colours completely and I think I am going to start this blanket idea. I would love a patchwork crochet quilt for Christmas. Inspirational. Nom nom with that cake xxx

  2. Those pinks ones actually do go, but perhaps have the dotted about as though winter sunshine is poking through. So not too many pink ones.
    Cake looks yum!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. I like the pink to maybe just a hint here and there. It coming along really well
    Clare x

  4. Progress! Good for you, Helen! I can understand your uncertainty about the pink, but can also imagine that with enough in the right spots they can add a pleasing warmth with the other colors. I will be interested to see what you decide :) Happy Birthday to your 20 year old, and "Bravo!" to your daughter for making such a yummy looking cake! xx

  5. Looooovely colours there.....and what a fantastic part of the country you live in! :) x


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