Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn Views Challenge Week 3 and some birthday makes

Hi everyone, weekend is here at last!  What a long week.....

First off, I dropped my laptop and cracked the lid on the outside edge.  Thankfully it still works and DH says he paid for accidental damage cover when he bought it for my birthday.  Yes, dear readers, I did confess the truth and didnt blame a cat or a teenager.  Then I got completely soaked to the skin on return from work and didnt get warmed up for an entire evening :(  Then yesterday I was due to have a few hours out after work to go out with my bestest friend Sue from @home but sadly she has caught the dreaded lurgy so we couldnt go - it is not like her to take to her bed with illness so its pretty yukky - get well soon Sue, we can go out another day.

However, the week started off really well, on Sunday evening it was the aforementioned Sue's birthday.  We met a few years ago (!!) at art college, a week or so before her birthday.  I remember that birthday so well - she got a new bike, a pair of Levi's and an LP of "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart.  A few (!!) years down the line and we get together at her house each year on her birthday for a lovely evening of friendship, chat and Sue's lovely food.

This year I made her a few things for her birthday.  First up we have the Zpaghetti bag I made - it is in Sue's favourite colour, purple

It is surprisingly heavy, the yarn is recycled jersey fabric from the fashion industry.  She seemed rather pleased with it!

Next, a frilly scarf, another latest crafty craze of mine, and a technique I learned at the Zpaghetti workshop

Sue loves these colours, I have to admit I rather liked them as well!

Now I spotted this cushion and thought she would like it

so I personalised it for Sue by adding the @ sign - the yarn I used to embroider with was bought from a lovely little shop in Darley Dale - more on that another day

Here are the other bits I added to the parcel

We had a lovely evening at Sue's - somewhat foolishly I didnt take any pics of the fab spread of food she put on for us, (too busy eating!!)  but Im sure she will post some pics she took when she feels better.  Get well soon Sue!xx

Right, now on to the Autumn Views Challenge week 3.  Thanks so much to all of you who have joined in, its super to see your photos.  This week, colours pretty much the same at my chosen view, but much less in the way of leaves on the branch in the foreground

Here are a few pics of favourite autumn scenes I have spotted this week on my walks around town

Have a wonderful weekend!  Im hoping to get out to the woods with the camera, I rather feel a photo fungi forage on the horizon!



  1. You have made a great pressie for you friend! Definitely looking more autumnal this week! Ada :)

  2. What super goodies for Sue you've created! I'm sure she was thrilled to bits with them. Love your autumn-y photos. I love this time of year. xxx

  3. Lovely pressies you made :) Hope Sue is feeling better soon - seems to be rather a lot of lurgy about at the moment.

    I took my latest Autumn views pictures this morning which I'll blog about next week - when you put them all side-by-side you can see the subtle changes - be interesting to see what its like at the end of the Challenge. Am taking its that we're doing this till the end of November?? is that your definition of end of Autumn??

    1. Thanks again for joining in my little challenge!

      Yes I think we will run until the end of November, thats about when the New England blog that inspired me stops doing theirs. Unless we are lucky and the leaves hang around into December!!


  4. I think Sue is blessed to have you as a friend. I hope you know that.

  5. Thanks for letting us have a peek at the lovely gifts you made for Sue, as well as showing us some of the autumn sights around you. So pretty, Helen!
    xx from Gracie


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