Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Home comforts

Good evening everyone, hope you are keeping well and that my blogger friends in the US are keeping safe and away from harm during the hurricane.

I was really lucky last week to be treated to the new Nigella cookery book, "Nigellisima".  I am a big fan of Ms Lawson, I find her presenting style to be hilarious and really like most of her recipes.

So, the buyers of the book (my kids clubbed together to get it for me, little darlings!!) insisted that I bake something for Sunday tea.

After a lot of browsing through the book, I plumped for a yummy recipe

Cinnamon and Almond cake, two of my most favourite flavours

It worked out beautifully!  Im sure even Nigella herself would have approved!!

My healthy eating habits took a bit of a hammering over the weekend as it was a celebration weekend for my family so we went out to this little eatery in Manchester (all of the following photos are taken from Google images as my husband's relatives were with us and they so dont get this "lets take a photo of every possible thing we can think of" vibe that I have!!


Jaffa is a delightful little Middle Eastern eatery which sells the most authentic Middle Eastern food I have tasted anywhere other than in the Middle East itself.  Its not a fancy place, but the food is superb.

And if that isnt enough, we drove past the McVities factory in Stockport on a baking day - again, doesnt look much from the outside but the smell of baking hobnobs on an industrial scale...nom nom nom

Had better get back on track with some healthy eating soon I suppose....



  1. I love the McVities factory purely because it's a great landmark so when I'm driving, I look out for it and then I can feel reassured that I am not yet lost in Manchester, haha!

    The cake sounds and looks good!

  2. Hi Helen.. oh what a great cookbook gift for you.. what lovely children you have! I bet those aromas while the cake was baking was amazing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I've been watching this new Nigella series - some things look amazing and others less so - the chocolate pasta this week made me gag!

    I bet the Hobnob smell was amazing :) We walked past our local brewery the other week on a brewing day - OMG the smell was just lush.

  4. You Are making me hungry, and I've only just had my breakfast! Ada :)

  5. Ooh that cake looks scrummy! I do so love cinnamon!
    Victoria xx

  6. Oh nom nom nom ... the cake looks delicious!!! xxx

  7. That cake looks delicious. Glad you are having fun with your new book.

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful few days away from work, and very much deserved, looking forward to tonight :)
    Sue Xxx


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