Monday, 23 January 2012

January makes challenge part 1

Hi everyone!

My "proper" January make can't be revealed just yet as it is a pressie for a reader of my blog, but I can reveal something I have made.

My lovely friend Sue persuaded me to go to a cake decorating night class which started last week.  We have so been looking forward to it, and it sure lived up to expectations!

I thoroughly enjoyed our first class - the amount of concentration that goes into making Regal Ice animals is phenomenal!

So, here we go with my first attempts...

First of all we have this (hopefully) friendly looking teddy

And here he is with his friend, Jess the cat

My eldest son said that they reminded him of the Wallace and Gomit models, which I was quite chuffed about!  And even my not-very-creative DH said they are "quite good" - a massive compliment methinks!

I think I like teddy best, Im rather pleased with him!  Apparently Regal Ice has a really long shelf life.  BUT will I have the heart to eat him....after all I am the person who refused to eat chocolate easter bunnies when I was little as I thought I would be killing them....

This week we are having a go at modelling a sitting figure, again out of Regal Ice.  Depending on how this turns out, I will reveal all asap!



  1. they look great. (I to would not eat my chocolate bunnies as they were too cute)

  2. Gorgeous little creatures!

    Is Regal Icing the same as Royal Icing?

  3. Oh They are lovely.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Soooo cute, I would not be able to eat them either! x

  5. They are very cute, and the teddy is adorable

  6. Aw, these are so cute - not sure I'd be able to eat them!

    Gem x

  7. If they were made of marzipan they wouldn't last long with me LOL!
    They are quite impressive, no pics of Sues' makes then??

    Sandie xx


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