Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cakes for tea

Hello everyone

In honour of some birthdays recently (mine and my dear brothers, but no, we are not twins!) my lovely daughter put on her apron and got into baking mode

She is quite a talented baker, these were chocolate orange cakes, frosted with a homemade dark chocolate ganache, yum yum

all gone now of course!


PS while still on the birthday theme, there is still time to put your name in the hat for the Moonstruckcreations birthday giveaway - it closes on 20th January.  No, there wont be any cakes included - sorry ;)


  1. Those cakes looks very tempting - orange chocolate is just about the most perfect thing ever :)

  2. Ooh those do look yummy! What a clever daughter you have :-) I am going to attempt to bake a cake this weekend for hubby's 30th bday... wish me luck, lol!

    Hope u had a fabulous birthday (and your brother too)

    Louise xxx

  3. It's very disappointing that there won't be any cakes included in your giveaway!

    But I forgive you!

  4. Mmmmm chocolate orange :) Your daughter is very clever!

    Hope you had a great birthday

    Gem x

  5. Those cakes look yummy
    Julie xxxxx

  6. Helen -
    I was trying to find your email address, but I'm your partner for Gem's Blog love swap...if you would like email me the things you like that would be great...I think I have a good idea after reading your blog but you never know. :-)


  7. Hi, I've come to visit you from http://hookinwithlaalaa.blogspot.com You are the person after me on Laalaa's Travelling Caft Box 2012 so I've come to follow your blog and get an idea of what sort of things you might like in the box. It's lovely to meet you. Please email me at rainbowhare@gmail.com and let me know your address, Janine :)


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