Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Incredible Generosity of Bloggers

Good morning - and I have to say a much better morning here weather-wise than yesterday when we were greeted by high winds and torrential rain.  Driving back from shopping we almost had to pull over as we could not see where we were driving for a few seconds. 

A few weeks ago, I saw that some of my favourite bloggers were involved in creating beautiful crochet dollies.  In the summer I had purchased a doily pattern book but, try as I might, I could not find any crochet cotton in any of the craft shops I frequent.  I happened to mention this in a comment on Betsy's lovely blog when admiring the amazing doily she had made.  The next thing I know, I receive a lovely message from her asking if she could send me some crochet cotton!  I was so touched by this very generous gesture from her.  Within a few days a big box arrived all the way from America.  Would you like to see what this lovely lady sent to me?


Just the right crochet thread for my patterns...and a lovely card with such a sweet message (this will be going on my office wall where I display favourite cards I have received from friends)...

...not just one big ball, but two!!  And then, so thoughtfully, she included some coloured thread too so that I can accent some of the doilies I will be making...

Just look at this yarn, I can see why it has this name as I love it too!! It is sooooo deliciously soft...

A beautiful decoration with crochet and beads, this is already hanging on my bookcase...

And, just look at this sweet tin of hot chocolate, I am saving this for when I finish work for the holidays, a special treat to look forward to...

Betsy, I am truly blessed to count you amongst my friends.  I hope that you will like the little package I have sent to you, with much love to you. 

Bloggers really are the best!!

Have a lovely Sunday, Helenxx


  1. That is lovely, what a kind gesture of friendship across the miles. You will enjoy working with that yarn all the more now. xx

  2. Wow, that's a lovel lot of goodies, I see you have some Aunt Lydia's cotton, this is quite difficult to get hold of over here, I know some is available but not like they have in America. I'm really looking forward to seeing you start your doily.
    What a lovely lady.

  3. You lucky thing, bloggers are the best ♥♥♥it makes the world seem so small these days, the internet bringing like minded people together, all over the world ❇
    See you later Suexxx

  4. Betsy is the kindest most generous soul. She is amazing and I am so glad she sent you that beautiful yarn.

  5. What wonderfully kind gifts from Betsy! You got some lovely treats and surprises! Enjoy making your doilies with that special yarn!
    Helen xox

  6. Aww! That Betsy is a sweetheart! How totally fun for you. Glad you got some cotton thread so you can make some doilies. Crocheting with thread is my passion right now (like you haven't noticed!). Have fun with your goodies!

  7. Hi Helen! Well that was really very nice of Betsy indeed!!! You must have thought Christmas came extra early!!! Thanks for sharing. It's uplifting to hear there are such nice people around in blogland!!!
    Happy doily crocheting!!!
    Ingrid xx

  8. Helen, what a wonderful gift Betsy has sent to you! She is one of the most generous and giving people I know. I am lucky to know her in person, and she is just a darling. I can't wait to see what you make with that wonderful thread! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. How lovely. I hope you have fun. :) x

  10. I'm happy to know you liked the box of goodies and my heart is touched by the lovely things you've said and by the comments made. I looking forward to seeing the beautiful things you create with the thread.

  11. Betsy is a love, and I too am so grateful for her friendship and generosity! I am imagining you having great times as you use all that she has sent, Helen. Blessings. xx


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