Saturday, 29 November 2014

Feeling Thankful

Thank Goodness its the Weekend!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, what a week.

Hello everyone, hope you are well and looking forward to a lovely weekend.  My feet haven't touched the ground this week, it has been very hectic again.  But now it is Saturday and I can have a little scrap of time to sit down, have a coffee, and reflect on things I have been thankful about lately.

First of all, a few weeks ago I received a lovely message from Susan to say that I had won the monthly apron giveaway she organises.  She makes the most amazing aprons, and very generously gives away one each month.  She is also an amazing cook and posts super recipes. 

The apron I had won had an October theme in the colours of the fabric, and to say that Susan is a talented seamstress is a vast understatement.  Susan, thank you so, so much, and I must apologise for the poor quality of the photos - it has not properly got light here for over a week.  Please go over to Susan's blog to see the apron in all it's true glory, but here are my efforts at trying to show how lovely it is...

Don't you just love the pocket design - so neat...

Trying to give an idea of the true colours of the fabric...

She also included a sweet card with a lovely message inside...

Susan, you are amazing, thank you again so much.

Last Sunday saw the last Formula 1 motor race of the season, if you read this blog regularly you will know that this household is an F1 fanatic household.  Darling Daughter made Red Velvet cupcakes to celebrate our favourite driver Mr. Kimi Raikkonen... the 2007 World Champion...

Number 7 is the number of his car...

watching the race munching cakes...

 Bless him, he has not had the best of years but we are hoping for better things next year.

This morning I have had time to sit and actually enjoy a cuppa without having to rush around...

And last night DH bought these home with him, didn't take long before they all disappeared...

Finally I thought I would share some batik and quilting work my Darling Daughter has been working on for her A level Textiles project.  She, like me, loves Autumn and has been using autumn leaves as inspiration.  I am so delighted with the quality of her work, she has really started to show a real skill and maturity in what she produces.  And her machine embroidery puts mine to absolute shame!

Well, I am going to treat myself to another cuppa (steady on there!!) before getting organised to go out on errands.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.  And of course, to all my friends out there in the US, belated Thanksgiving greetings.



  1. Lucky you, lovely apron. The cakes look absolutely yummy. Love the Autumn leaf.

    Hope you can join in the Advent, if you don't finish no problem, as long as you are having fun. I'll add your name.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Helen. Lovely post and yes thank goodness it's the weekend, I sometimes don't know where the time goes. I've just spotted you at Sara's Crafts and thought I was already following you. Turns out I wasn't but am now. Look forward to getting to know you. Have a good one.

  3. Beautiful work by your daughter - how talented she is.

  4. Lucky you! I just love aprons, and that one looks gorgeous. What a fun win. Hope you get some good "me time" in this weekend and coming week. Time for everyone to relax a minute before the Christmas rush begins! ♥

  5. Wow that apron looks lovely. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. x

  6. Oh you lucky thing - it is beautiful apron - a real work of art x

  7. Lots of pretty things.. you sound super duper busy! I got all my xmas cards done today.. and the guys got the tree up.. now to decorate it!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. That is a lovely apron! Congratulations Helen! Your daughters embroidery looks beautiful too. I hope you get some good relaxation time in today. One of the busiest months is about to begin.

  9. Couldn't find an email for you so hope you don't mind me doing this, this way? Thank you for joining in the advent calender 2014 - please check you link works which is on the side panel of my blog
    Look forward to seeing all your pictures Please could you link back to me on the twenty four posts
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. Sounds like a wonderful and very yummy week. Love the apron, gorgeous colors and your daughters project is perfect.

  11. I'm glad the apron arrive safely and put a smile on your face--that is always my intent and to have a new friend, XOXO

  12. Such beautiful photos; we were in England years ago for the Fall and it was just as nice. Makes me yearn to come again, XOXO


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