Sunday, 30 November 2014

Farewell November

November has been a month where we have seen some sunny days with blue skies...

some cloudy days, where the Autumn colour seems to be even brighter...

and many days of mellow mistiness...

I have to say that I really like these sort of days...

November is a month where many of us remember those who have gone before.  As a family we remember two of our loved ones who passed away in November, one of whom was my sister who sadly died before I was born.  For some reason, the other evening, I decided to jot down a November poem and this is what I came up with (it is very melancholy in tone, as it is a poem of rememberance and lost opportunity)...

Now in the eleventh month of the year  

Our thoughts go to those we hold dear

Very near in our minds and yet so far

Each year that passes yet cannot mar

Memories we have that still hold might

Blessed be those who have gone each day and night

Every day we remember and yet we

Realise together on this earth we no more shall be.

(HM, November 2014).

I still love the month of November, in spite of the sadness that accompanies it.  It is a month of spellbinding beauty and we do have many reasons to celebrate too.

I hope that this month has been kind to you and that next month will be one of happiness and blessings.

Tomorrow I hope to embark on a little blogging project for the month of December organised by Julie - looking forward to it!


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