Saturday, 2 August 2014

Step back in time...

Hello there, hope your weekend has got off to a great start!  A fairly slow start here it has to be said, not everyone is up and about as yet, so have managed to get the housework sorted and now for a bit of "me" time!!  But, before I pick up my hook and yarn, here are a few of the many fascinating things I came across at the Museum of London earlier this week...

Roman sculpture, found deep under modern London...

Beautiful design...some dating to before the Romans even arrived here...

The Great Fire of London... the wooden artefacts were saved from one of the fire-ravaged churches in the City...

Georgian fashions - doesn't look too comfy...

The Roaring grandmother  had a sewing machine just like this one...

The 1940's section included this Red Cross Nurse uniform, my darling Mum wore one just like this in the war.  She worked seven days a week in a munitions factory, then volunteered as a nurse in our local hospital each evening. 

The Swinging Sixties...

although it is a bit much when things that one remembers from childhood are now museum pieces...and then when they have things that one actually owns from ones teenage years, well, that does rather take the biscuit...

I can't resist showing you this...

Whoever thought this to be suitable for small children??!! Would have frightened the living daylights out of them!  Mind you, attitudes to children were so very different back in Victorian times. 

Hope to be back soon with some more photos of our trip to the "Smoke"!



  1. Thanks for showing this, we have kept on about going up to London to this Museum for ages and looking at your pictures confirms that we must make the effort once all of the children are back at school and things are a bit quieter.
    I actually made my wedding dress on a treadle machine very like that one and as for being reminded of times gone by, I have actually just added a tab to my home page entitled 'memories' as I can recall so far back now. lol
    Thanks for a great post.

  2. such a lovely Museum to visit. Those Georgian outfits look so hot and cumbersome.

  3. Thanks for sharing, the georgian fashion does look positively painful to wear, I think I would have suited the 1920's style, love the fashion in that era.

  4. What a great collection and I really appreciate you sharing your pics with us Helen - I hadn't seen a sewing machine like that one before, and boy, am I happy that fashion has changed so much that we can be comfy in our clothes!!! Happy Sunday to you, Joy xo

  5. I visited the Museum of London for the first time in March, I fell instantly in love, it's a brilliant place full of everything wonderful! I was there for 5 hours and wanted to go again!
    I changed my blog address so I'm no longer on any of your follow lists, please note my new address, it's ... I miss my blogging friends!
    xx Tammy

  6. OH my.. I had to click on the photo to see them bigger as I loved seeing those ancient sculptures.. and the old glass.. and can't imagine wearing that one dress with the huge hip things sticking out! Thanks for sharing these things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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