Sunday, 17 August 2014

Slip sliding away...

...towards my favourite season of all, Autumn. 

Over the past week or so, the evenings are starting to draw in. Lamps and candles are lit at around 8pm, I am loving the scented candles particularly.  I have a real thing for Yankee Candles, they are the best I have tried (and trust me, I have tried many!!)  Mornings are chilly and misty, with the sun low over the horizon until about 7am.

I am now back to work, although the students won't be back for another couple of weeks, so have had the chance to get a little ahead of the game so to speak.  But driving to and from work, I have started to notice little, tiny signs of autumn being just around the corner, not quite in view as yet - but the summer is slowly but surely "Slip Sliding Away".

Yesterday, DH and DD decided to go for a stroll in our local Outwoods, nothing too strenuous as I am still recovering from illness that started back in May (and that took a bit of a grim turn last week when I was sent for some urgent tests at hospital which to my great relief and gratitude, came back clear.  Still more tests to come, but these are for things that wouldn't have such a bad outcome).

And of course, a gentle stroll means lots of opportunities to stop, look around, reflect on the beauty evident all around us.  At first, the woods looked still pretty much in summer mode, but on closer investigation, there really are clear signs of autumn.

Fungi popping up after the recent rains...

leaf-strewn pathways...

autumnal colour starting to peep through...

mellow fruitfulness...

the berries of Lords and Ladies...

promise of things to come soon on one of the forest information signs...

beautiful birch bark...

so much beauty, if only we stop for a minute and look around us.

Have a lovely Sunday, Helenxx


  1. I love walking in the woods at this time of the year too, just as the seasons are starting to change. Your pics are lovely, and hope you're back to full strength soon. Xx

  2. School starts tomorrow yet Autumn seems still so far away. Best of luck this school year, you are going to be fantastic.

  3. Oh how I long for autumn, some rain and a walk in the woods! Your post leaves me eager for the times to come:):)
    PS: Isn't the forest simply amazing?

  4. Oh such lovely photos of the woodland. We have such a large amount of woodland here but no blackberries :( I do miss foraged blackberries...
    I have been such a 'bad' blogger and swap partner this summer. I just haven't had as many free hours to catch up on blogs. If you could email me myredwellies @ and I can get your swap parcel in the post on Monday (so sorry it's late going in the post but I have had such fun finding swap goodies)
    Emma x


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