Sunday, 5 May 2013

Springtime Potholder

Good morning...and isn't it wonderful to have a Bank Holiday Weekend!!!  Such a treat, and so, so needed.

I thought I would share a photo of a crochet potholder that I made a few weeks ago for one of my sisters-in-law. 

The pattern was from Simply Crochet Magazine.  The yarn is 100% acrylic so nice and easy to wash.  But my sister-in-law says that it is too pretty to use and she is going to hang it up in her kitchen as a decoration!!

It is in fact really functional in that the crochet "fabric" is nice and thick and would really protect your hands when lifting hot pots off the stove.  I loved making it as it was a great portable project to have nearby for those spare 5 minutes here and there.

I'm hoping to make some more soon when time permits...

In the meantime I'm hoping for a bit of decent weather later so that I can potter about in the garden!

Have a lovely weekend, Helenxx


  1. That is true ... It's really pretty.and I couldn't use it either... Just for decoration and to make a kitchen pretty. S nice of you to make it for her:)

  2. Can you imagine grabbing something hot and bubbly with that beautiful pot holder, not me it would have a nice place on the wall where I could view it every time I am in the kitchen, and it would stay clean.

  3. Oh my goodness are you okay?

    1. Yes, thankfully no harm done. Just very shaken up!

      But it could have been a lot worse, a random stranger pushed me off my bike, causing me to wobble off the bike path onto the road. And in broad daylight too - what is the world coming to?

      Thanks so much for your concern Meredith, bloggers are the best!!


  4. Helen.. that is so scary! I agree, it seems like there are way more mean people than in the olden days. Your pot holder is awesome and your friend is very lucky to have you gift it to her. I'm glad you're okay. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I'd put it on display too, it's lovely! :-)
    Enjoy the bank holiday, hope the sun shines,

  6. So sorry for your scare, Helen, and thankful you are ok.

    Your potholder is a very unique pattern, beautiful and practical as well. My mom used to hang pretty potholders near the stove so that they were decorative, but easy to grab when needed :-)

    Thanks for posting!
    xx, Gracie


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