Friday, 28 December 2012

"Tis the season to be swapping..."

Good evening all, its way past my usual bedtime for a Thursday, but as we are on holiday its all good - no terrible mad rush round in the morning, sheer bliss.

So, I thought I had better show you all how blessed I have been recently regarding swaps.

I joined in 4 festive swaps - the Snowflake Swap, the Cracker swap, the Decoration Swap and the Stocking Swap and was paired up with Katherine, Lisa, Suse and Liz.

What a very lucky lady I was to be paired up with these lovely bloggers - would you like to take a peek at what I received?  Here we go then...

 How lucky was I??

These are the things I sent out to my partners:

Thanks so so much ladies for all the lovely treats you sent me - all very much appreciated!

So, on a bit of a high from all this I have signed up to another swap, organised by all4meggymoo, - it is a heart-themed swap:

 As those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know, I love all things heart-themed!



  1. I'm joining all4meggymoo's swap too! I've never been part of a swap before, not seasoned like your good self, so very excited ;) Now following you too, Hazel x

  2. Just lovely! Are you all swapped out, or do you want to join in my Crafty Currency Swap? It's not until Feb, so you would have time to catch your breath! :) x

  3. Hi - and thanks for your comment. If you can get into the habit of adding a few bits and pieces to your Christmas stash it really can make a huge difference come next December. I may add a few prompts in my posts to remind you! XX

  4. Oooh, I must go and investigate the new heart swap :)
    Sue Xxx

  5. Lovely Christmas swaps, Helen! The new swap looks wonderful, I love hearts too!
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!
    Helen x

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