Sunday, 30 December 2012

Heart stitching

Hello everyone

Yesterday's miserable weather meant a lovely, cosy day at home stitching.  So relaxing! 

I thought I would share the results with you....

Here are a couple of close ups of the stitching

I love how the pattern looks like patchwork

Here they are together...

 I loved making these, so nice just to make something deadlines, no reason, just because I want to!!  Cross stitch is one of the first crafts I learned from my darling Mum when I was little.  She really had so much patience with me!

Have a lovely day, Helenxx


  1. These are beautiful, and to make them both in one day - it would have taken me weeks! XX

  2. They are really beautiful. I love cross-stitching.
    Happy New Year
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. First, the hearts are beautiful, lovely pastel colours, and cross stitch is as you say so relaxing. I used to make lost of cross stitch cards and actually did craft fairs for a while but people were so mean and didn't want to pay much for them, even though plain old shop card's were the same price, sometimes more expensive. (there's nought queerer than folk. lol) so I gave up.
    On the subject of catnip, its funny how some of them go mad for it and others ignore it, mine are like that, Rowan goes potty if she gets at it.
    I wish you a healthy and craft productive new year.

  4. I love your cross stitch hearts.Can I be cheeky and ask what you did to stop them fraying once you had cut them out.did you oversew them?

    1. Thank you! The hearts are cut out with pinking shears and the aida is really stiff so I didnt need any over sewing thank goodness!

      BTW happy anniversary!


  5. I'm afraid I simply wouldn't have the patience. They are lovely though!! Xx

  6. They are so very pretty... I don't think I have the patience to learn cross sticth!

  7. Such attention to detail - they are ever so beautiful.

  8. These hearts are lovely. I think that these few days after Christmas are the best, time to sit around and do as you please.

  9. Gosh, so tiny and delicate! It was the perfect bunkering down and stitching day yesterday! :) x

  10. They are so beautiful, glad you had a cozy day inside.

  11. These are so pretty. So good for the soul, to sit inside these days and do something we love.


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