Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember Remember...

...the 5th of November!

Today I am going to hand over my blog to my lovely daughter R who, together with her lovely friend H (Sue's daughter) decided that they wanted to do a  Bonfire Night themed swap!  They both love to see what Sue and I get up to with the bloggy swaps and wanted to get in with the action!

These are the lovely gifts that my good friend H gave me. 

This is the beautiful handcrafted card she gave me.

A nice little scooby on a key ring

I got some very nice ribbon thread and shiny fabric - my Mum really wants to use these so I shall have to hide them !!

Here are all the things together.  Some extra things:
popping candy, glass rocket, hand made biscuits, Mr Guy Fawkes, cinder toffee, hand painted fabric.  All these were packed into a papier mache basket made to look like a bonfire!

These are the things that I gave to her:
treacle toffee, a sparkler in the shape of a H, sparkly pom poms, toffee laces, caramel fudge, hand made headband, corsage, hair slides, yo yo (or suffolk puff) and some sparkly buttons.

We both loved joining in with a swap, and cant wait until we are old enough to get our own blogs!

Hope you have a booming Bonfire Night weekend!



  1. Lovely idea to swap with a friend
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Agree it's a lovely idea to swap with a friend x

    I like the new autumnal themed header with the pumpkins.

    Enjoy Bonfire Night!

    Leah x

  3. What a lovely swap...the treacle toffee would have my fillings out of my teeth! LOL!

    Sandie xx

  4. What a wonderful swap and a very fine job you did filling in on the blog.
    Hugs from Florida,

  5. A great swap - lovely idea to swap with a friend! :) x


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