Monday, 7 November 2011

Autumn Leaves...

...are certainly starting to drift past my window...

I love this time of year so much - it is the best season as far as Im concerned.  The beauty is so awe-inspiring and yet so fleeting so I carry cameras around and make the best of any photo opportunities that present themselves.  These shots were taken from my back door

I always have my phone with me and it has a decent camera so a walk to work becomes a wonderful opportunity for capturing the Autumn beauty:

The beauty of nature a little closer up

Early morning sunshine makes the colours shine

And when Im back home snuggled up in my cosy armchair on these dark evenings, the autumn palette continues to inspire me

When autumn leaves start to fall - I fall in love with the season!



  1. Autumn is my favourite season as well. You have some gorgeous photos there! x

  2. I love Autumn too, but do not get to experience it here in Florida. The air gets cooler but the leaves don't change as brilliantly as in other areas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love Autumn too...providing I'm warm and cosy!
    Love the colours in your knitting too.

    Sandie xx


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