Saturday, 7 May 2011

crocheted bracelet obsession!!

I just cant stop making these delightful little things!

I think for me they have become like granny squares are to so many crochet folks, I just cant stop making them!!

What are your favourite crafty obsessions?



  1. I am hoping to teach myself to crochet this year (not holding out much hope I will be able to learn it by myself though) and you never know I may one day become one of those granny square obsessed ladies you mention! But for now, my work (which is practically an obsession in itself) just takes up too much time! Oh but when I was doing my new tapestry last year, that did actually turn into an obsession, couldn't put the thing down, haha! xx

  2. Lovely! Crocheting is so much fun isn't it! :) x


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