Thursday, 12 May 2011


Not so long ago I came across these lovely round courgettes.

So decided that daughter and I would make one of our family's favourites - koosa!

first of all you need to hollow out each courgette with a special tools - dont know if you can buy these here, I got mine from one of my visits to Jordan:

Then you pop a mix of rice, delicious herbs and spices and, if you want, minced meat (or quorn mince if you are a veggie like me!) inside each hollowed-out courgette

Then seal up with a little cap made from a slice of tomatoe

Then stand upright on a heatproof plate

Then into a saucepan with hot water , just enough to almost but not quite cover them and gently cook until courgette is deliciously soft and rice is cooked

And there you have it - yummy koosa ready to eat!

Serve with a salad and greek yoghurt and enjoy!



  1. They look yummy! I'm growing some round courgettes this year, will have to try this later in the summer! :) x

  2. Ooh, these look scrumptious, when I was young I loved it when mum did a stuffed marrow, but they are too big for me living alone so I shall try this recipe as I can just make a few less!

  3. Thanks for this, Helen. I'm always on the look out for courgette recipes as we tend to have a bit of a glut of them in the summer.

  4. Sounds delicious! I have never seen courgettes in that shape before.

  5. Hiya
    I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
    Your swap partner is Bee Happy

    Thanks for playing along!


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