Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hearts again!

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by.

Well I've been at it again, making hearts - I just love heart shaped things and working with felt, so putting the two together is just perfect!

Here are some hearts I have made for dear friends of mine (they dont read this blog so no worries there!!)

The two hearts above are for two sisters - quite similiar to each other, but still subtly different (somewhat like the girls themselves!). 

The one above is for my friend, their mum.

And here they all are together!

Im really rather pleased with them - just hope the girls like them!

Hope you are having an enjoyable and restful weekend, its been really hectic at work this past week so am making the most of some r&r!!

love, Helenxx


  1. These are beautiful! Hearts are timeless so anytime is the right time. I will bet the girls will really like them a lot. Having their names on them makes them extra special too. Have a lovely weekend too!

  2. The hearts are beautiful, I'm certain that your friend and her daughters will be delighted with them. xxx

  3. I love your cute hearts, so pretty! I must admit I'm a bit of a heart freak myself, I try and sneak them in as much as I can when I'm making stuff.

  4. Hello - thanks for your comment on my blog. The magazine was eventually found in Tesco.


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