Saturday, 14 March 2015

Catching up with happy days

Good morning everyone - I hope you have had a good week.  The boys and I were up very early this morning (5.45 am) to watch the live qualifying for the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season - we were pleased to see our favourite driver qualify 5th, with seemingly a much improved car.  We will be up at 4.30am tomorrow to watch the race live from Australia - quite an early start for Mothers Day isn't it?!

Anyway, as usual work has been hectic, but lots of lovely things have been happening since our trip over to Spain.

First of all I was blessed to receive gifts from two of my lovely blogging friends from the USA, first of all is this beautiful snowflake hand made by Gracie...

so pretty, it really sparkles in the light.  Love it!

Then, this little beauty arrived from Teresa...

Isn't it lovely?  To me this has a real Scandinavian feel, and you know how I love all things Nordic!

Here are both gifts together, side by side...

Gracie and Teresa, thank you so very much for these lovely gifts - I am very lucky to count you amongst my friends.

And, this morning, the postie has been very early and delivered an exciting looking parcel from Sue in New Zealand - I have shown great restraint however in opening it as my darling daughter isn't awake yet and she is my "helper" when opening swap goodies - thank you very much indeed Sue, hopefully I will be writing a post soon all about it! 

Back in the Moonstruck household, it has been a time for celebration...

second eldest son turned 21!  DD was back in her pinny baking up a storm...

this was a chocolate orange cake, with no less than 3 chocolate oranges used!! Baked in a bundt tin it was so delicious and moist, long gone now of course!

As part of the gifts I gave him, I commissioned this cushion from a colleague at work...

These are logos associated with our favourite Formula 1 driver, Kimi Raikkonen.  The symbol is based on a flying bird, and Iceman is his nick name, based on his cool, calm manner of dealing with things.  It is in Ferrari red as that is the team he drives for.  I think it is probably fair to say that it is a very unique cushion!  He spends many long hours sat at the dining room table on his computer completing his university course work, and often complains of the hard seating arrangements, so hopefully this will solve the problem.

Well, must away, I am feeling quite smug as the washing machine and dishwasher are both humming away, I  have tidied around and found time to write a blog post, but other errands are now calling.

Have a lovely weekend, Helenxx


  1. Oh to still have mine at home, such a joy and I still miss them all, I would gladly go all over it all again. 21 is a wonderful age with lots in store for his future, lets hope its a good one.
    This is the good thing about blogging, little touches like things coming through the post, nothing huge but just lots of love.
    Thanks for the comment on the dogs, I just looked at them and had to post. lol

  2. Hi Helen I don't think I could get up that early. Lovely makes from kind bloggers so special. And Happy Birthday to your son. Such a special birthday! Have a great weekend Helen.
    Rosezeeta x

  3. You deserve each and every lovely treat you get in the mail. Happy Birthday to your son, my Mr. 21 arrives home this afternoon for his Spring Break.

  4. Hi Helen! I'm so happy that the little gifts from Gracie and I arrived.. it seems a long time ago they were posted so it's fun to see them pop up.
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your son! And that your daughter made his cake is so sweet! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What happy gifts from Gracie and Teresa. They are true sweethearts. That cake looks absolutely delicious. Chocolate and oranges. Two of my favorite flavors. Happy Birthday to your son. I hope you are having a lovely weekend Helen.


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