Sunday, 28 September 2014

Easy like Sunday morning

Good morning everyone!

Here we are - the last Sunday in September 2014 - how did that arrive so quickly?  I was up bright and early at 6.30 this morning - yes, I know, it's Sunday, but I really prefer to get up early if I can, get on with a few jobs around the house before anyone else is about (quicker that way) then I can sit with a coffee, catch up on blogging, and do a bit of crafting - which, for me at the moment involves crochet, here is a sneak peek of my latest project:

I love the colour of the yarn, but it is a bit of a beast to work with as it often splits.  But, the colour is so wonderful I will persevere!!

Out in the garden, hanging the washing, I couldn't help but stand and stare in wonder at the increasing autumn colour all around...

This year, I have tried to have a few plants around the front door, here is my autumn display:

Mums, I just adore these colours...

Cyclamen, so pretty...

Glimpse of my miniature Japanese Maple, just starting to change colour...

and pansies in my hanging basket, they almost look as if they have little faces...

Just as I was about to go back indoors I spotted this little fellow (look away now if you don't like spiders!!)

He wasn't there last night, so must have been very busy spinning such a perfect web.

Back inside again, I made a cuppa and had a bit of a think about what to make for dessert tonight.  Then, I remembered I had bought this:

Pumpkin Pie it is then!  I love Pumpkin Pie, so spicy and sweet.  To off-set this treat I am going to make a hearty vegetable stew in the slow-cooker, potatoes, sweet potatoes, swede, carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and lots of herbs and spices.  So the whole house will be smelling quite delicious later on I hope!

And because my jobs will be out of the way early, hopefully I will have time to go out for walk later on.

Have a lovely Sunday, Helenxx


  1. Someone from my own heart! I am a natural morning person, I can be spoken to first thing without biting anyone's head off! I always get up early, but I do go to bed early (ish) . Like you I prefer to work round the house before anyone else get up, you do get more done when no one is in the way and then sit and drink tea and craft
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Great moment in the morning especially in autumn .. ! great pictures ! We can draw so much inspiration from autumn ... Have a nice sunday !

  3. Love all your autumny flower and tree photo! Not the spider though! I sure would love to smell your home later in the day. I may need to bake something! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Lovely photos! I love the Autumn with those red and yellow leaves...

  5. I slept in until 7:15 this morning it was BLISS!! I can't wait to see what yo are making, and I love pumpkin pie, I make it with agave sweetener and it is delicious.

  6. Yikes on the spider! But your dinner sounds so good, especially the pumpkin pie. I've been threatening to make some pumpkin bread, but I haven't gotten around to it. Anything pumpkin sounds good right now. Pumpkin pie is our favorite. Your fall plants and flowers look gorgeous! I love the fall!

  7. Wow, your garden is a fire work!!! So much beauty around. Love the colour of your Japanese Maple - she is a very elegant lady with her autumn leaves!
    Have a happy time and all my best from Austria

  8. Lovely autumn pictures, I enjoyed seeing all the flowers in those warm colours and the pretty yarn too. I have just planted some similar winter pansies, they do look like sweet little faces! And we have a similar spider living outside our landing window :)
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  9. Beautiful autumn photos. When my mum used to help me with my winter window boxes I used to spend hours choosing pansies because they had 'faces'!

  10. Hi Helen, I love to get up earlier too and get the jobs out of the way before everyone gets up,I love that first cup of tea on my own,pure bliss. love your autumn coloured garden and the wool colour so pretty. Enjoy your week lovely Xxxx love juliex


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