Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pootling about with potholders

Good evening everyone, hope you are well and having a good week.

Over the past few weeks, I have been doing quite a bit of crochet, making gifts for loved ones.  I started off inspired by this book, full of vintage-inspired patterns and ideas:

but then also came across this pattern by Pammy Sue (great pattern, thanks so much for sharing):

so now for a gallery of potholders, some from the book pattern, some from Pammy Sue's pattern, and some are a hybrid of the two...

I think the red and white ones look quite festive together...

Pink ones a bit more summery perhaps...

The collection together...

a few gratuitous macro-shots...

I so love making these, so easy to pick up and put down, and I love that in an evening or two I can complete a project, and make some progress with my gift list. 

At the moment I am making some autumn-coloured cushions, will hopefully be able to share a few photos soon.  Crochet really suits me especially when I am on a hectic schedule (as I am at the moment) so easy to pick up and put down. 

Have a lovely evening, Helenxx


  1. Love these! I get into "potholder mode" every now and then too and can't stop! Thanks for the linky-loo... :)

  2. I would be very pleased to receive one of these as a gift for Birthday or Christmas, some people are going to be very happy. They are lovely, too good to use.

  3. Gorgeous - I made a similar one for myself in the Summer. Maybe I need to make some festive ones too!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed with 6 of them.. I only did one and thought I was "something". LOL! You rock! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Helen--these are SO beautiful! Great job!

  6. Beautiful gifts Helen. I have been making washcloths and keeping them for Christmas gifts. So fun to have a little pile of gifts all together. Love your color choices. Very beautiful.

  7. They are so wonderful, great ideas for gifts.

  8. They are all so lovely and that book looks great. I love crochet for the fact that it is so easy to carry around and quick projects are so satisfying. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  9. These are just gorgeous - and you're so organized making gifts for Christmas already, I really need to get stuck in and get started too.
    Happy weekend,

  10. They are beautiful and such a lovely gift.

  11. These are beautiful what a great gift.
    Clare x

  12. These are stunning, Helen! I love the colours and the textures of the crochet and your photos are gorgeous too.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  13. Beautiful pot holders. Love it. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Best wishes.


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