Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bluebell Woods - and a new challenge...

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good week.  It has been nice to have a week off work, even though we have had a very heavy revision schedule here - GCSEs and final year of A levels.  But there have been interludes of fun things, like our road trip to Derbyshire and tea at our dear friends home.

Last Monday DH was also on holiday and we just felt like a walk - nothing too much, just a gentle stroll.  As we were preparing for something more challenging the day after... So we jumped in the car and drove up to our local Outwoods.  At this time of year it is bluebell season, and my goodness what a beautiful sight to behold!  So please, settle down, grab a cuppa and enjoy some bluebell loveliness....

Such amazing colour...

The perfume of these little flowers was heavenly....

Of course, as always, there was plenty of other things to see, I loved how the sunlight cast shadows on these ancient volcanic rocks:

Vibrant green moss on this piece of wood caught my eye, love the colour combinations and the textures, quite similar to some of the colours in my crochet challenge blanket...

And of course, how could I just pass by these lovely examples of birch bark and fungi...

As I mentioned in my last post, I just love silver birch trees, I went to our local garden centre yesterday to scope them out for a future gardening project, but they didn't have any in stock :(

I would love to buy some of this lovely fabric from Marimekko, but  I would feel terribly nervous sewing with it as it is so, so beautiful....

image courtesy of Google

...although I guess it would look great as a panel for a wall there's a thought...and a legit reason for going to Helsinki to buy some, well saving on postage don't you know....;)

Well, time to stop daydreaming for now, as I am tutoring my daughter through her Art and Textile sketchbook compilation - have to give a shout out to my bestest friend Sue here, who has also been offering loads of support and supplies (we owe you BIG time dear friend!!)

We are going back up to the Outwoods later on, but this time there won't be any time or chance to snap photos as DH and I have both decided that we need to improve our fitness and so, spurred on by our sons, we have embarked this week upon the Couch25K programme - no laughing please!!  We did our first session this week, oh my goodness, it was very, very tough!!!  But actually felt loads better afterwards.  So it is session two today - lets see how we get on!!!  It was either this or the gym (which I hate with a vengeance, I find it totally boring) so we have chosen a route in the Outwoods, which is lovely - and I am sure it is even more beneficial as we get the fresh air as well!  Luckily we didn't see anyone we know as we were shattered by the end!

Have a lovely Saturday, Helenxx


  1. Just the kind of walk I love. looks beautiful.
    Did you know that silver birch trees support a large community of insects, more than most other trees.
    They are also one of my favourite trees.

  2. Oh Helen our kitchen table is full of Little Sis' artwork at the moment - she's on her first year of 'A' level graphics and is having a bit of a mad panic at the moment that she hasn't done a thing over the two week break! The bluebells are gorgeous this year aren't they - always lift the spirits - how lucky you are to have such lovely woods nearby x Jane

  3. I love seeing the bluebells on UK blogs this time of year. That fabric is awesome. I often look at Marimekko's fabrics online and fantasize about being about to afford to buy some. I think I'd reupholster my dining room chairs first and foremost. :)

  4. Hello Helen! I adore all your photos of the blue bell woods! I have one single volunteer blue bell in my yard and one white one. That place you go to has a carpet of them! Good for you and hubby to get out walking.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. beautiful woods, our countryside is amazing!
    thanks for sharing your lovely images...D xxxx

  6. Just beautiful. Good luck with the fitness regime. I am with you on the gym.

  7. Thanks for sharing your bluebell walk, Helen, so pretty and I can imagine fragrant as well. I can see why you admire the material but are anxious about sewing it....since it looks like it should be framed! xx

  8. That was a beautiful walk
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  9. The woods near you are so beautiful. Good luck with your walking challenge.

  10. Aw theres something so magical about a blue bell wood so pretty. What a lovely walk x

  11. Good for you! I would much rather be outdoors than in some high tech or stinky old gym. Much nicer way to exercise. Best wishes, Tammy


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