Saturday, 12 April 2014

Autumnal April

Hello everyone, April is flying by!  A very busy time at home and work, but all good.

Last week the UK was affected by a rather unusual weather pattern, which resulted in a lot of pollution finding it's way here from the continent.  This meant that instead of having warm spring sunshine and blue skies we ended up with grey days, mist and fog.  As Autumn is my most favourite season, I have to confess that I rather enjoyed this (apologies to anyone out there whose health was affected by the weather).  A little bit of Autumn in the Spring...

In my job I have to travel around quite a bit, and one morning had to make a phone call to one of my centres.  Now, I can answer calls on the hands-free, but seem incapable of dialing out.  So, I pulled over, switched off the car, and made the call.  After finishing the call, I took a few seconds to really look around me.  And decided to take these photos...

 Dark and grey...

Skeletal trees...

Old iron railings...

Looking across the lake....

A little bit of spring peeking through the autumn mists...

 Of course all this autumnal weather meant that crocheting more squares for my blanket challenge (weeks 14 and 15) was the order of the day...

 Now at this point, dear readers, I do have a teeny little confession to make...this                                  yarn is not from my stash...I was in a tiny little yarn store in one of our local villages, and noticed that they were selling Stylecraft DK.  Now I have read lots and lots of favourable comments on a lot of your blogs, but I have never used this brand before.  I loved this colour, and thought it would add a touch of lightness to the colours I already have for my blanket challenge.  So I bought 2 100g balls.  And I am loving this yarn, it is a dream to work with, no splitting, and it is so snuggly soft and smooth.

 It cost 60p more than my usual acrylic brand I buy from our local market, but I have to say it is worth that little bit extra.  I can get 10 squares from a 100g ball so that is quite reasonable.  The shop had a decent selection of colours, so I think I might pop back there next week and get three more balls so that I can make some potholders - I need to make some little gifts to send to relatives overseas, something small and light.  Potholders will fit the bill nicely, and make a nice little project for the Easter weekend methinks.

Well, must away, quite a few errands to run today.  But hopefully there will be some hooky time later.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. Great photos, its good to take a few minutes sometimes to take in your surroundings and these pictures show that.
    Yes, I love the stylecraft yarn. I made a blanket with Rowan pure wool and it cost a fortune and quite honestly it didn't wash all that well. The stylecraft yarn is lovely and soft and washes well.
    Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  2. Your pics are beautiful but I can't say I share your enthusiasm for the foggy Sahara sand-filled days we had as it played havoc with my hubby's asthma! I do love that soft grey yarn too though :-)
    Have a happy weekend,

  3. Hi Helen.. how neat to find yourself in such a pretty spot to get those photos. Here in Oregon we have the grey days much too often.. but I don't let the weather depress me as I feel it's up to you to find happiness even in the grey. Like you did. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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