Saturday, 9 February 2013

January Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hi there!

Well, here I am late for the first scavenger hunt of the year - tut tut.  But there are perfectly good reasons for this, which I will share soon!

But, as they say better late than never -

from top left then clockwise -

BLUE - a picture of a little local stream
PRODUCE - a fruit and veg stall on a market stall
WARM - yummy hot choccie!!
COLD - snow!

REFLECTION - in the park
12 - my birthday!
MAIL BOX - in the snow
STATUE - made to commemorate the olympics - I think it is supposed to represent synchronised swimming...

SIGN - for our bike path network in town
VIEW - in the park in the snow!

Well, must dash off, back soon.



  1. Lovely photos Helen. Xx hope you are well Xx

  2. They may be late, but they are great!! Suzy x

  3. Lovely pics indeed... I could go one of those yummy hot chocolates right now!
    Happy weekend,

  4. A great set of photos :) I really enjoyed joining in with this again!

  5. Love your pictures! Yep, now I am craving hot cocoa. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Better late than never!
    Mmm, loving the look of that hot chocolate.

  7. Hot chocolate - yum yum - yes please!


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