Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wonderful Winter

Morning everyone - hope you are waking up to sunshine as we are.  Lovely to see blue skies again.

Last weekend was a different matter - we woke up to snow still falling, everything covered in a silent blanket of white.  After lunch, the snow had stopped so DH and DD and I set off for a walk from our home to our local outwoods.  All told a round journey of 8 miles, usually takes 2 hours - but this time it was 4.5 hours - well, it is more challenging walking in deep snow, I was stopping every few minutes to take photos, and then we went for a hot chocolate and a sit by an open fire at the half way point!

I thought I would share a few of my photos with you....

I loved the snowman and his snow dog!  In  my part of the world we often miss the worst of the snow as we are just about as far away from the sea as it is possible to be on this island.  But this time we were in for a treat.

By the time we had warmed up by the open fire and yummy hot drinks, it was getting to be dusk, so these photos were taken as we walked through our local villages on the way back home

Dusk is my favourite part of the day when Im out walking, I love to see the lamps coming on in the houses, makes me feel all cosy and toasty.

Im not sure which set of photos is my favourite....

Hope you are keeping warm, have a lovely weekend.



  1. Hey Helen,, what lovely photos, particularly the ones of the village.
    It looks like a Winter wonderland.....

    Claire :}

  2. Wow Helen that's a mammoth walk, and in the snow!!
    The winter snow photos are gorgeous, and I especially like the dusk ones - makes the homes looks so cosy and welcoming.I'll bet you were glad to reach your own!
    Have a great weekend
    Gill xx

  3. Great photos. I have really enjoyed the snow this month and am sad that it's started to melt... I can't even go out to play as I have school related work to do this weekend :( so I enjoyed seeing this post and reading about your snowy days.

  4. So beautiful. Dusk is my favorite time of day also, such a peaceful time in a busy day.
    Hugs, Meredith

  5. It does look beautiful, but I'm needing Spring now! :) x

  6. Thank you for your comment, H is fine now, but me :(
    Love your photos, not sure I can recognise where they all are though....

  7. Love your pictures. Hope you enjoyed the snow

  8. Beautiful pictures! That was quite a walk. We're still getting snow here, but then again, that's not unusual for us.

  9. Gorgeous set of pictures. The snow is nice to see, but its also nice to see it go!
    BH x

  10. I love all your photos.. would love to walk through there, too.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Ahhh such beautiful photos ... !!! xxx

  12. Oh wow! Sounds like a great walk, although I don't do cold well. But you were obviously bundled up enough to make it through 4-1/2 of hours of trekking through the snow. That second set of photos is delightful. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. How beautiful it looks in your home village!!! Love it <3 <3

    thank you for visiting my blog!


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