Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Introducing the Moonstruckcreations Make It Big Challenge 2013

Good morning everyone.

Im very blessed in that I dont have to go back to work until Monday (yippeeee!!!!!) so Im still enjoying the hols.  Im off for a jolly with DH and DD in a bit but before I go I would like to introduce an idea that I have been mulling over during the holiday.

I am, by nature, quite an impatient person - although everything I do, at work, at home etc requires shed-loads of patience!  Hence when Im crafting I tend to always go for fairly small scale projects, something that can be completed reasonably quickly.  And there is always a need for these quick crafty fixes, whether it be crafting something for a gift, something to cheer up a dull corner in the house, or whatever.  But...I always admire (and lets be honest, envy - albeit in an entirely appropriate way!!) those of you who take on big projects, and stick them out to the end.  For example, blankets, patchwork and so on.

Soooo...I thought I would set up a little challenge for myself which I would love you to join me in if you would like to.

Amongst all the many quick fix crafting projects I am going to try to complete a few much bigger scale projects during this year.

These will (hopefully) be:
  • My biggest cross-stitch project for many a long year, it will measure 16x16 inches and is chock-full of stitches
  • A crochet throw
  • A patchwork throw - this may be a lap quilt or something a bit bigger, will see how it goes
Do you have any big projects lined up for this year?  Are you up for joining in the challenge with me?  If so please leave me a comment and add this charming (!!!!) little pic to your sidebar:

I will update you all with pics of progress (or lack of, hence requiring a bloggy kick up the rear end!!) of whichever big project Im working on at the end of each month (or thereabouts, no need to feel pressurised if not on time), and hopefully those of you that join the challenge will do the same.  We will therefore be able to log the journey made towards crafting something big and wonderful!  And encourage each other as we go.

I do hope you will join me!



  1. Oh my ... what a fabulous idea and I will love to take part my projects are ...

    * a cross stitched green man which has been on my craft table for over a year now and needs finishing!
    * an embroidered top to my footstool (its not a huge project but one that won't happen if I'm not careful!!)
    * to finish my crocheted blanket ... I am half way through and this may seem a bit of a cheat ... but the encouragement will be good!!
    I will blog about this later and add your pic to my sidebar ... yippeeeee looking forward to a crafty 2013!! xx

  2. My challenge must be to NOT start any big new projects - at least until I have finished my knitted blanket and crochet throw which have been ongoing for far too long!
    Good luck with yours!

    1. you could always join in for the big projects you are already working on...that is still a definite challenge and is in no way cheating ;)


  3. We are currently decorating our dining room, and I am going to make (from fabric) curtains, matching seat covers and matching placemats and coasters. Not sure if this counts, if so please may I join?
    Joy xx

  4. Oh yes, I am planning a big challenge. But firstly I need to complete a small challenge and that is how to add the picture to my side bar? Could give me a clue please?

  5. what a lovely idea. I always have many large projects on the go in the back ground. Im looking forward to seeing oyur progress. x
    Shelley @ All4meggymoo

  6. I take it all one step at a time but would love to finish my crochet blanket, and my hexie one! :) x

  7. I finished my big granny stripe and a granny throw and neat ripple throw. Someday I'll start another big one. I look forward to watching yours grow!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Oooh, yes I'm in - I've sort of started a kind of crazy patchwork quilt for my double bed, so that's going to be pretty big!

  9. like some other bloggers I always seem to have lots of bits on the go , but would love to join in , and those first sighting of daffs lets us know spring is just around the corner - we hope xx

  10. Ok you got me ...
    I have way too many projects going ... So my objective ( again) is to finish so my objective is to finish them and I have been working on 2 blankets ( a granny square and a ripple) and want to finish those also ... Can I enter the challenge ? ( I have no idea how to put the button on my side bar either ... Sorry I don't sound very smart ... But it's true) :)

  11. Hmmmmm I want to join too, but have to learn how to put a button on my sidebar...been wanting to learn how to do that for months...tried once so far
    My big projects:
    a knitted blanket [15 rows so far]
    a crocheted blanket [8 blocks so far]
    at least start on a patchwork quilt [some cut squares done]
    Thanks for the challenge, Helen!

  12. What a great idea Helen - although with 4 children and a full time job I just do not know how you find time for even small projects - well done you!!!
    Even though I should have no excuse (1 child and no outside job) it was only last week that I find time to even open the door to my sewing room.
    But I would love to join in as I have a few large projects in mind:-
    - finish a crochet blanket started two years ago
    - finish hand- quilting a king size patchwork quilt
    - start a new single size quilt for my daughter
    Thanks for setting up the challenge and good luck with yours!
    Gill xx

  13. Hi Helen - that's a great idea, count me in! I've got one big quilt all done except for the binding, which was has sitting waiting patiently to be finished: need to finish that. And another 2 quilts currently in the making, and a crocheted garland that seems to get constantly pushed to one side. I like the idea of being encouraged/held accountable to finish them!
    Look forward to following your crafty adventures :-)


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