Saturday, 17 November 2012

Autumn Views Challenge week 8 and confessions of a new addiction...

Hello everyone - am I glad its the weekend!  My regular readers will know that my day job is teaching and this week we had the wonderful news (ahem, sarcastic sneer needed here!!) that OFSTED were going to be around......(cue doom-laden music).  So crafting, time with friends etc had to be put on hold whilst all hands were put firmly on deck with the preprarations.  Fortunately I have experienced these things quite a few times so was well prepared, although they always ask for random last minute bits.  All passed without incident - woop!  So to celebrate my dearest friend Sue picked me up after work last night for an early evening jaunt - more of which later.
But lets start with this week's Autumn View:

 So many leaves have now drifted away, there are still spashes of vivid colour to be seen, but a lot of brown as well.  We are well and truly headed towards the winter.

Well, the title of this post and the news of the OFSTED visit may well have you all worried that I have hit the bottle or some kind of recreational substances - but fear not dear readers!!!!  My new addiction is rather nice (well I think so anyway) as it is collecting vintage pottery!  Im really getting into Midwinter - the autumnal shades at least.  Our local bric-a-brac market can sometimes come up with some lovely finds.  There is a particular stall holder who knows Im into this kind of stuff and puts stuff on one side for me to have first choice of!!  So, yesterday morning, bright and early, I headed off to the market - and what a wonderful collection of things I came back with!

All of these plates are in the Stylecraft shape which I love. 

But then - the ever helpful (and canny!!) stall holder had something else to reveal - some items by a designer I hadnt heard of

Well, just look at these little beauties, in exactly the kind of designs and colours I love....

And with the design called October (my favourite month of the whole year) how could a girl resist?  And I so needed a treat after they popped into the shopping basket.  THEN....
Oh my word, how lovely...

And I NEED new dishes.....

Well, I had to call a colleague to help me carry them all back to the office!!  Colleague was completely understanding, having gone through OFSTED as well, but their response was to stuff themselves silly at McDonalds.  Each to their own!!!!

What I love about these items is they work out between 50p - 85p each, so cheaper than IKEA!  I love the designs and that others have used them before.  And I do use them, albeit with care, I never put them through the dishwasher even though, apparently they are dishwasher proof. 

Well, onto the aforementioned jaunt with Sue!  We nipped over to the local garden centre which is wonderful at this time of the year.  I had my smartphone, not my usual camera so the pics arent great but here are a few:

Lovely cheery cylamen

Friendly reindeer

And finally, the garden centre's resident feline friend happily posing for the camera:

We went to the cafe and had some super cakes and coffee.   No photos as both too hungry!!!

And I have one more reason to celebrate - I have completed my final MSc assignment, and only have 11,000 words to do to complete the dissertation!!!!!! 

Have a super weekend!



  1. Well done on surviving the Ofsted Monsters - have been through that several times in previous jobs. Much better to go thrifting afterwards than eat a Maccy D's - such great finds too :)

    When does the AV challenge end??

    1. yes, OFSTED is a tad stressful isnt it??!!

      I reckon the AV challenge will end at the end of Nov as all bright colours etc will be done by then I think!

      Have a lovely Saturday!


  2. Wow, so many things to celebrate and I think buying amazing dishes is just perfect. Such a stressful week you have had, I am so glad all has turned out good and the dishes are an extra bonus.
    Hugs to you,

  3. I also collect Midwinter and have five coffee/tea sets.They all have lovely designs.Glad you survived OFSTED!

  4. Glad you got through Ofsted ok... my school is expecting the call any time as it's been a few years since they last came!

    Thanks for your comment... have you gone on a shopping trip to Manchester?! I think that's more stressful that a hospital visit as I hate shopping and cities, but perhaps you've gone for a nice day out somewhere instead, maybe a NT property?!

  5. Oh, that OFSTED thing sounds awful! Makes me so glad to be retired. I love all your vintage dishes.. I'm a collector too and it's nice to see other's with my obsession. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Well done all round!
    Were you too excited to sleep? LOL!
    I have one piece of Midwinter pottery, it is more modern but, I used to have a full dinnerservice,tea set and salt and pepper pots, now Only a jug. The pattern is from the late '70s, called 'Nasturtium' and it is in lovely orangey shades. I use it for flowers when it's not in the kitchen dresser.

    Has Sue mentioned the Silk fabrics and other bits to you?

    Sandie xx

    1. Lovely to hear from you!

      No she hasnt mentioned the silk fabrics etc yet, sounds very interesting! She is popping round for our crafty night on Monday so will ask her then!


  7. Hey lovely. Email me Xxx Katherinestaples at x can't wait to swap xx

  8. when I first started work at age 15 I wanted to work in a craft shop. Guess where I ended up, in a china shop and my job as junior was to wash china in the basement, I clearly remember washing the kind of china you now collect, lol.
    The patterns are so pretty and nicer than the stuff produced now.
    Thanks for the comment on the quilt. I must say that making a big quilt is some big job but I promised my Grandson I was going to make him one and so there is no turning back.
    I am learning by my mistakes with this one and hope the next one will be easier.
    Go on, have a go....

  9. I think that this addiction may be catching! I was sorting some boxes from the loft last weekend and found some lovely plates that were my Nana's. I like using her old things as they remind me of her.

  10. What a busy post, congratulations on surviving the threat of Ofsted yet again....
    and also nearly completing your MSc, Are you sure you still want to be friends with me? I can't compete with your cleverness....
    Your pottery collection is really growing now!
    It was nice to take some time out and be treated to coffee and cake with my bestest friend on Friday night.
    See you tomorrow night with the gang :)
    Sue Xxx

  11. After having my attention focused on celebrating my youngest daughter's wedding for the last several weeks, it is fun to catch up on your posts, Helen! Bravo for your school/job achievements! The bonfire and fair looked like great fun, and I love seeing your autumnal photos...this is such a splendid time of year:) xx from Gracie

  12. Hi Helen. I love those dishes!! I have a thing for dishes, and have many sets.
    Happy weekend!!!
    xo Kris


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