Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Autumn Views Challenge week 7 and some reasons to Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Hello everyone, hope you are keeping warm during this cold snap!  We had quite a sharp frost last night, but found a way to keep nice and warm - more of that in a second!

But first, here is the autumn challenge view for this week

More leaves left than I had expected after our recent windy weather, but the leaves in the background are now starting to change colour as well.

Well, back now to how we kept warm last night!  My bestest friend Sue held her yearly Guy Fawkes Night Bonfire and Fireworks Party.  We look forward to this so much as we have so much fun.  Sue cooks a lovely meal (no photos as far too greedy hungry to stop and take pics!!) so after filling our tummies with yummy food we wrapped up warm and went out to the garden where her OH had lit this amazing bonfire for us all

The sparks flew up into the night sky, a little something to get us in the mood for the fireworks to follow

The fire lit up the apple trees - these are still hanging on to a lot of fruit, we have already had some this year they are absolutely wonderful

Then Sue started to light the fireworks...oooooo....


....and you are never too old to enjoy the sparklers:)

A wonderful evening with a wonderful group of friends!  If you would like to see even more and better photos, please take a look at Sue's daughter's blog, Hermione's World, where you will see wonderfully creative photos as well as some samples of her cooking!

I absolutely love this time of the year, so much to see and do, so many excuses to spend time with dear friends.  And now look what has just started to roll into our little town today

its our annual street fair!  Believe it all not, by tomorrow, the crane will have been packed away and a roller coaster will be standing in this spot!  So exciting! 


PS - here is a photo which slightly freaked us out when we looked at it - what can you see in the flames? (no its not photoshopped/pic monkey-ed or anything clever like that).  I thought it looked rather Tim Burton-ish (for those of you who have ever seen the extras disc for Sleepy Hollow!)


  1. Definitely a wierd picture! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. oooh that's a very spooky picture!

  3. That sounds like a great party! We're watching election returns this evening.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Wow that last pic is pretty awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all. hugs xox

  5. Glad you had a great time, but that last photo is amazing. Definitely looks like a skeleton to me....creepy!

  6. Lovely photos, especially the last one!!! thank you to you and H for the wonderful contribution towards the fireworks, those rockets were phenomenal!!!
    S Xxx


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