Friday, 31 August 2012

Just pottering about....

Yesterday we went off on a little jolly to Bakewell - its not far from us (about an hour or so) and its always such fun to have a wander around the shops and stop for a bite to eat in a favourite cafe of ours,
The Coffee Shop - the following two pics are from their website

 Its a delightful little cafe, with a gift shop and Thortons shop attached, there is also a garden outside you can sit in if the weather is nice.  We had a delicious panini and the most scrummy hot chocolate ever, although we didnt have the marshmallows as we dont like them:

I had to use the pics from their website as I had DH with me, and although he is getting fairly used to me photographing everything in sight, he is still not at that place where taking photos of cafes and drinks is in his comfort zone - bless him!  Mind you, musnt grumble as a) he was paying, and b) he is taking the bait/making interested noises about a proposed new hobby of mine - more to follow if/when he finally agrees to it - I think he will as he really likes the idea as well and will be able to join in!  Although it might all get a bit this space!

Then we went off to watch the local entertainment: the ducks and birds on the river - it is hilarious watching the ducks fighting with the seagulls for the bread thrown to them by the children walking along - I didnt manage to photograph some of the funny moments we saw as I didnt have the "big" camera with me, just my smartphone. 

After all, we had set out only expecting to go to IKEA - yes DH had agreed to a shopping trip for me to buy my favourite scented candles. Then we decided to have one of those calzone things from the cafe but they had sold out! So we went to Pizza Express only to be told that there would be a long wait. So DH said, "lets go to Bakewell, to our favourite cafe" - well, what can a girl say to an offer like that??!!

All in all a lovely afternoon out.  Well, must dash as I have a birthday boy in the house - my eldest is 20 today - where oh where have those years gone?  He has elected to go to Pizza Hut for lunch, and then we are having a BBQ for him tonight, again at his request.  His sister baked a scrummy chocolate cake for him last night, which later on (when she gets back from school) is going to be slathered with chocolate ganache and encrusted with maltesers and minstrels.  Yum yum yum!

Have a fab Friday



  1. Nice day. Hope your son has a nice birthday.

  2. You are just having the loveliest of times with your family. Happy Birthday to your eldest, have a wonderful time.

  3. Bake well is lovely, have you been to the vintage shops in Baslow? Avante Garde and Sarah Copley ( I think!) Vintage Living, they are great shops! There's also a great bistro sandwiched between them, has a roaring fire in the winter! Just what you need after a trek around Chatsworth! Ada :)

  4. I went there when we were on our Sunshine Bus tour from Devon. It was lovely as was the tart! Thanks for popping into Chalky's World and leaving such a lovely comment. I hope you get to Center Parcs one day soon x

  5. sounds like a lovely day out, I like the sound of the hot chocolate. He sounds like a very obliging man, I hope he agrees to whatever it is you want him to do! I wonder! Heather x

  6. What a lovely day, and you only set out to get some candles!


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