Tuesday, 28 August 2012

London Calling...

Hi everyone

This weekend I was lucky enough to return to London for the second time this holiday, this time for a longer period.

And boy, did we ever make the most of it!!

First of all, we set off to see the Shard, currently the tallest building in Europe...it is very impressive and totally dwarfs anything else nearby

My second eldest son is fascinated by modern architecture and took this fab photo a bit closer up - we stood at the foot of this building and felt totally overwhelmed by it.  I love the way he has really shown the Shard as a true sky-scraper as it really looks as if it is kissing the clouds:

Capturing 3 of the sights in one photo:

Flying the flags for the Paralympics:

I  have to say that I have never seen London look so clean or so well cared for - everything was painted up so the city looks at her best

 Everyone seemed to be in such a jolly, festive mood, Im sure its the result of all the London 2012 activities.  We saw a couple of the Paralympic Teams as well who were enjoying themselves no end.

I love visiting London, and cant wait to go back again!

Have a great day, the sun is shining at the moment so want to get out and about before the weather takes any turns for the worse!



  1. I love London too. It looks so nice with all the decorations. Someday, maybe when I retire, I would like to take my husband to London. I have such fond memories of the place.

  2. I'm totally green with envy now, twice in one holiday!!! enjoy the rest of your holiday, I really cannot believe how quickly they go. One minute it's all anticipation and excitement, the next it's doom and gloom, as the realisation that its almost over and you still haven't achieved everything you wanted too :( they are TOO SHORT.
    Sue Xxx

  3. Helen, you have now been there twice just recently and I have been there a total of zero times. I am jealous. Such perfect pictures, glad you had a great time.

  4. Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by at my blog. London really was the place to be this summer! Heather x

  5. Wow, that building looks fantastic! Ada :)


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