Saturday, 5 May 2012

Monthly Make...

...started in April, finished in May!

I started this little piece of cross stitch whilst over in Jordan - it was difficult to get much done as it was a very busy - but incredibly enjoyable - time. 

I love the little details, the heart on the door

And the flowers around the window
It was made from one of those freebies from a cross stitch mag, I cant remember which one though.  Perhaps one of you lovely bloggers may recognise it?

I used to do loads of cross stitch, having learned how to do it at an early age (like crochet, cross stitch and I have been partners for decades!!) and have really enjoyed returning to it.  However, I didn't get this little project finished during April, as since I got back from my holiday it has been very hectic indeed.  So I just got it finished this morning - my first chance to do any crafting since returning home.  I love Saturday mornings when I wake up early as I can have some coffee and do some crafting before the crew get into action!

Just need to find a way to display it - I could pop it in a frame but would like to do something more imaginative.  Any ideas?

Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. looks lovely, would be nice on a plain white cushion. perhaps.

  2. I love it. The house looks so sweet, a perfect little cottage get-away.
    Have a wonderful Saturday,

  3. Ooh, it was The World Of Cross Stitching - I have it here in front of me still sitting in it's packet! The little house looks so pretty made up.

    It's funny, I've just picked up cross stitching again after more years than I'd care to mention. There seem to be so many free little patterns on the internet - have you had a browse?


  4. How about using it as the centre piece for a cushion with strips around the outside ( like a log cabin quilt) or using the same principle but use as a fabric hanging picture (sorry can't think of the name of it) I saw a lovely quote on another cross stitch recently that said "a nice place to live" maybe you could add that beneath your pretty cottage, I'm sure it will look gorgeous whatever you decide x

  5. I love that.I must get back to cross stitching.I havn't done any for ages.

  6. So beautiful ma sha Allah. I think it would be lovely in a frame. But I have a friend who does ribbon embroidery and as well as framing her work, she puts them on cushions around her home and even on the lids of big jars of sweets!

  7. Its so sweet. My fingers are itching to do some stitching lately too. If I ever get all my knitting and crochet out of the way I might actually get back to it. LOL Cross stitch used to be my priority pass time before everyone found out I could knit. lol

  8. Its lovely Helen, I seemed to have missed this post on Saturday, and Sunday and even on Monday...... I wonder how many other blogs I've missed this bust weekend!!! See you soon,
    Sue :)

  9. Hi Helen,love the cross stitch,well done maybe you could frame it?Hope your well?lots of love juliexoxox

  10. Hi Helen,

    It's never to late to join me in making a Pretty Crafty Home. Welcome on board! I've added your link to my sidebar and I wish you luck :)

    If you'd like to share some pictures, come on by the Flickr group...

    Hope to see you there

    Sandra x

  11. Well done Helen, you’ve done a fab job!

    Lou xxx


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