Saturday, 27 August 2011

Magic Ball Swap

Hi everyone!

I have been involved in so many swaps over the summer, its been lovely!

I was paired up with Leah at Faith76.

Just look what greeted my eyes when I opened the package, love the knitted corsage:

Delicious edible treats:

Super knitting supplies:

Then I had to call my daughter (who loves swaps as much as I do!) to start unwinding the ball!

So here we go - yummy smellies:

Jewellery and keyring:

Lots of sewing supplies and ribbons:

More wool and ribbon:

Just look at these swish gardening gloves, I really will feel glamorous when planting up the daffodil bulbs:

This handpainted silk bag contains yummy potpourri:

And I was so delighted to receive this hand-knitted heart (smells of heavenly lavendar):

And here is everything together - isnt it amazing?

I feel so lucky Leah to have had you as my swap partner, thanks so so much for everything, you have spoilt me rotten!!

Here is what I sent:

Hope you liked it!



  1. I just received my magic ball too. This was lots of fun :)

  2. Hi there and thank you so much for popping on over to my blog,Im so glad you did as I havent found you before,Im going off for a nosy around your lovely blog,take care and have a lovely bank holiday,juliexxxx

  3. Oh by the way Helen,can I ask where you bought your lovely polka dot pen ,you gave away in the swap,I love it!xxxxx

  4. Such a lot of lovely things. I did that swap too, it was brilliant fun!

  5. Great swap idea! So many lovely things that you both received and sent! :) x

  6. I did this with a friend of mine for the first time & enjoyed it, I already have her next one planned out


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