Sunday, 31 May 2015

Time out for half term

Good morning everyone, hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Last week I managed to get a couple of days off work as it was half term, I didn't have the whole week off this time as I have so much to do, but I was very grateful to have some time out from the usual hectic schedule.

On Friday afternoon, after a trip to the newly opened Range store in our town (and delighted with my investment of £1.79 for a balloon whisk AND an ice cream scoop - last of the big spenders or what?!!) I decided to go on a very short drive with my DD around a couple of local villages.  We ended up here for a quick look around...

Mount Saint Bernard's Abbey, it is a monastery very local to our town, a very nice quiet place for a wander around, some lovely grounds and a very interesting building as well to visit.  The church is made from local stone, the photos don't really do the colour justice.  I love to look round places of worship, my days of being head of Religious Studies in a 6th Form College must still haunt me!!

Arriving back home I cooked this cornflake tart, my DS#2 had been asking for this as he could remember it from his days of eating school dinners!

It was declared a big success, and all eaten very quickly together with custard.

Yesterday we had visitors, so much cleaning and cooking, but this morning is grey, raining and dull so a bit of crochet by candlelight is in order...

I am loving my blanket challenge this year, each granny square is made of 3 colours from a palette of 5, with 3 different types of double knit yarn to try to replicate the texture of birch bark.  Each square consists of 10 rows, so takes about 45 minutes to do if there are no interruptions (otherwise the longest it has taken is 3 days - don't ask!).  I have made 17 squares so far as I started the project in April.  I was aiming to do 30 squares in total, but I might make a few more to make the blanket a bit larger, will just have to see how it all shapes up after the summer holidays.

Have a lovely Sunday, and if you are in my part of the UK, lets hope the sun will come out later on!



  1. Cornflake tart? Why have I never heard of this??? It looks delicious!

    Looking forward to seeing more of those granny square... loving the colours and oddly I seem to have the same candle holder thingy that is to the right of them in the photo

  2. We used to have cornflake tart and custard at school too. :)
    It's wet and windy here this morning - so I am about to get my crochet out for a couple of hours. The squares for your blanket are looking lovely so far. x

  3. Love your church and crochet squares.. but I am in love with your lanterns! I have a bit of a lantern collection.. I should show them someday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Beautiful afghan squares. I'm thinking of making one for myself next winter in tones of pink and mauve. We have also been having stormy afternoons here for the past several days. Tomorrow they may start as early as 7:00 a.m. according the the weather forecaster. I'm so glad you're enjoying half term with your daugher.

  5. Glad you have had a good time, I look forward to seeing more of your crochet! xx


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