Sunday, 1 February 2015

First of February

Hello everyone, I just can't believe we are in February already!  This last month has  gone by in a complete blur, work has been so hectic that some evenings, when finally leaving school to go home, it seems as if my brain has finally given up the ghost and sometimes this has been exactly how I have felt...

Google images

*Kimi, I share your feeling of confusion :-)

However, it is only 2 weeks to go until half term :-) :-) :-) :-) so will just battle on...

So, when lovely thoughtful gifts from lovely thoughtful folk like Taci are delivered all the way from the US you can imagine how gratefully these are received...just look at what she made for me...

A sweet bird made by crocheting pretty fabric, it is beautiful, I am writing a blog post on my tablet for the first time so the photo doesn't really do it justice as the camera isn't a very high spec, but you get the idea.  Taci I love this little bird and love that you made it for me. Thank you so so much!  Bloggers really are the best aren't they?

One thing I found out today though re. The tablet camera is that it does have a wide range of editing settings including one called oil painting, this is what Taci's bird looks like using this setting...

Pretty cool I think! Can see myself using this setting a quite a bit.

Hope you have a lovely relaxing Sunday!


*Kimi Raikkonen


  1. I love the little bird. It doesnt' have to be a big thing to bring joy does it?
    I have just bought myself a tablet and am wondering how you get the photos off on to the computer, mind you, I never read the bumf that comes with these things. lol

  2. I thought last year flew by and I had high hopes that this year would settle down and my feet would touch the ground.....seems not to be! Lovely little bird x

  3. Hang in there my friend. Taci is the best!

  4. I have one of Taci's birds and just love it. We're having a Super Bowl party today with our 2 sons, 2 DILs and 4 grandsons. 4 pizzas and a cake! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I have a pretty yellow bird from Taci too. Ian't it sweet to think she has sent a little flock of birds around the world to take love from her to each of us? She really is the sweetest lady. Good job on your tablet. Mine is getting a bit old and I think I may be getting a new one soon.

  6. Lovely bird and so nice to receive it as a present.

  7. My dear friend Helen, I'm sorry I haven't gotten notifications from yr blog and just now so yr message. I'm so happy you got the little bird. My intention n that he travels there n bring my love and good wishes to you. I'm so glad you got my little gift and that it brought a smile to your face. That was my intention all along. Have a wonderful happy month. :)


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