Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Hello everyone.

I thought that as it is New Years Eve it would be fun to look back at some of the things I blogged about here during the past year here in my little corner of Blogland.  So grab a cuppa (and a cheeky biscuit should you so wish!) and here we go!


A montage of photos captured on a late afternoon walk in the snow - boy was it cold!  But so, so beautiful.  I love walking at dusk, seeing all the lights on in the little cottages makes me feel so cozy.


The lovely DH and I celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary, and his present to me was a trip to Granada in Spain to see the Alhambra - something we had always dreamed about doing.  Words and photos can never do this place justice - it was a truly magical experience.  We have decided that instead of buying each other presents for special occasions we will put the money instead into the "travel fund".


We barely had time to unpack from our trip to Spain before we were jetting off again, this time to the beautiful Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  This time we were lucky enough to visit the Roman city of Pella, nestled away in the Jordan Valley.  It was one of the cities of the Decapolis, so mentioned in many a historical document.


Nearer to home, my bestest friend Sue from @home and our two daughters visited the Quilt and Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse - she and the girls had work exhibited - I was so proud!  It was my first, but not my last visit to a stitching show this year - more of which later.  I hadn't been to one of these events before and really enjoyed it.


This time I treated DH to a day trip to London, including a visit to the Shard.  We were fascinated by the look of this amazing skyscraper on our visits to London last year, and as the viewing platform opened on our wedding anniversary (when we were in Spain) I thought it would be very apt to visit.  And it was well worth it, stunning views across the good old city of London.  We had a trip on a river boat, a slap up meal, and then a lovely walk down the banks of the Thames by moonlight. 


a bit of thriftiness here, a vintage sewing box bought for next-to-nothing from our local flea market.  It has pride of place next to my arm chair and is a bit like the Tardis - doesn't look that big on the outside, but my goodness it holds a lot of stuff!!


the weather warmed up nicely, so I enjoyed some crochet time in the garden.


DH and I managed a couple of days off work, and went for the afternoon to Matlock Bath in Derbyshire, a fantastic place to just slowly saunter around, enjoy a bag of chips and an ice-cream.  The weather was still lovely and sunny!

I have taken the liberty of adding another picture here, not a photo taken by me, but instead courtesy of Mr Google - my eldest son turned 21 in August, quite a milestone!


a bit of pumpkin obsession here - enough said!!  Autumn is, after all, my favourite season of all.


my second visit to a stitching show this year, this time at the Alexandra Palace in London.  Sue had a highly successful stall at this event.  We had a lovely day, I even got a turn at playing shop whilst Sue had a well-earned break!  Then DH (who had gamely accompanied me and my daughter and Sue's daughter to the show) treated us to a meal and an evening out in London.  Such a treat!


Our annual street fair rolled into town, lots of noise, crowds and lights.  I have always loved going to the fair, I never seem to grow out of it.


A glorious sunset captured as DH and I returned from a weekend walk.

I have loved this little retrospective look at the year just about to pass by - blogging really helps to lock in memories of special times - some big and spectacular (think visits to Granada and Jordan!) and some just small quiet moments, such as sitting out in the summer sunshine taking photos of crochet projects.  Precious Times with loved ones are forever captured in the archives to be enjoyed again and again.

Thank you - for reading and commenting on my varied writings, and to all my followers old and new - a special thank you!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve, hopefully the weather will be kind to us all.


  1. Hello my friend.. it was nice to look back over your year! It looks like a very good one with fabulous adventures! And that is great!

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your posts have documented wonderful moments in 2013! I hope that 2014 is filled with health and happiness for you as well :) xx

  3. A lovely year in review! Wishing you & yours a happy new year ahead,

  4. Lots of good health and contentment in the coming year.

  5. Love your pictures....especially the snowy cottage - I love walking at dusk too and seeing the cosily lit windows! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!
    Helen x

  6. Happy New Year Helen. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures. The Alhambra is one of our favourite places too.

  7. A lovely wander back through 2013. I hope 2014 is as enjoyable. Happy New year to you all. X

  8. Looks like a truly fabulous year,hope the next one is just as fab. Happy new year Helen,xxx

  9. Lots of things to celebrate in 2013 wishing you and your family all the best for 2014 x

  10. It is lovely to look back and appreciate all those moments in the year, I do think you can forget but a record like a blog is so precious. Your year in pics is great and your travel fund is inspired!

    Have a happy and healthy 2014 capturing more wonderful moments and memories!

  11. hello Helen
    Looks like you have had a very busy year and visiting lots of interesting places I totally agree with you Granada is magical and that is why I sent you in the swap parcel the pen drive and pouch with music from the composer Manuel de Falla who was from Granada. It seemed appropriate. I do hope you liked it and you'd didn't have any problems downloading it from the pen drive.
    A very happy New year to you too Helen

    Amanda :-)

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