Monday, 5 March 2012

Take your partners for the Diamond Jubilee Swap!

Good evening everyone!

Sue and I are here at mine for our crafty evening and our lovely daughters have helped us out by doing the draw for the Diamond Jubilee Swap!

So here are the partners:

Jewel and Buttonz

Sandie and BeeHappy

KCs Court and Pamela and Lottie

FeltbyRae and Peonies and Pennies

Marina and Twinkle Star

LissyLou and Krafty Cupcake

The Vintage Hobby House and Fruitful Fusion

Kashi and Crafts@Home

The Undomesticated Scientist and Busybusybeejay

Moonstruckcreations and Anne

and then Saphy and Moonstruckcreations - Im doing two as we ended up with an odd number!

Please take time to visit your partner's blog and send them an email to introduce yourself!  Please let us know if you have any questions etc.

Quick reminder of what to do!!
5 items for your swap partner to include:

  • something handmade (either by you or another crafter)
  • something relating to the Diamond Jubilee - there will be lots of souveneir type things around. Doesnt have to be anything expensive - there will be pens, cards etc available
  • Some crafty-type supplies (buttons, ribbon etc)
  • Something edible - of course!
  • And one other item of your choice which you think your partner would love.
Deadline for your partner to receive your parcel is 31 May so that they have their goodies in plenty of time for the Jubilee Celebrations.

Thanks so much to you all for joining in the fun - cant wait to see what everybody gets up to!

Helen and Suexx


  1. Thank you - is there a link to my partner?
    I have most of my goodies sorted
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Yipee thank you for Pairing up with me. Its so exciting. I saw some lovely little things already.

  3. Thanks Helen and Sue, made a start already!

    Sandie xx

  4. Thank you both of you for hosting this - I am all keen and eager to get started just as soon as I recover from my impending (looming?!) hen weekend!


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