Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Busy bee! And lucky me!!

Morning all!

This week as usual I have been a busy bee at work and home.  Here is one of my latest makes:

He really is a friendly little chap

He was a lot of fun to make, but we dont know what to call him...any ideas?

Also, I  have been very lucky blogger this week and have been given this from the lovely Rae

It is for blogs with under 100 followers so fits my little blog down to a tee!  Thank you so much Rae, it is lovely of you to pay this forward to me. 

I now need to pay this forward to some of my fave blogs:

first off the starting blocks is Fruitful Fusion - lots of lovely crochet and also lots of interesting info about life in Saudi.  This is one of the first blogs I started reading long before I started mine.  And she is also my 50th follower so thank you for helping me make my half century!!

Next would have to be Bee who has a lovely blog showcasing her glasswork and jewellery among many other things.

Another blog I love to read is Dosie Rosie which is a blog full of lovely cheery photos of lovely cheery things!

And of course, although Rae has kindly passed this award on to her too, I could not end with out mentioning my bestest friend Sue!

There are so many other lovely blogs who are my followers who fit into this category - I had better stop writing here before I go into a kind of over blown Oscar Speech!  But, if I follow your blog and you have under 100 followers please feel free to accept this award with my warmest wishes!


  1. My little lass says she would call the bee Annie!

  2. Phoebee..... well I think the bee looks like a girl! not a chap... Thanks for my award, that makes two to add to my blog, what kind and thoughtful people :)
    Sue Xxx

  3. Oh yes definitely Phoebee!
    Thank you for putting my swap on your sidebar
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. I vote for Phoebee too!

  5. Aw thanks Helen! You are a star! I'm feeling bleugh today and your blog love is so heart-warming. Congratulations on making it to 50 followers. That's brilliant! Little bee is so cute! I like Phoebee. But if it is a "he" you could go for Tobee :)

  6. Cute little Bee, i like Phoebee too! :) x

  7. I love your little bug, and congrats on the award you have a lovely blog.


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