Monday, 3 August 2015

Pootling gently

Morning everyone hope you had a good weekend.

DH had to work one day over the weekend but we still managed to sneak a cheeky trip to Derbyshire.  Always a favourite place to visit for us.

at the moment I am blogging from my camera (yes you did read that right) which is great but with two caveats:
1-i am prone to typos with the small touch screen keyboard and 2- I can only seem to load photos after the text. It is however early days using this method so hopefully i will improve my skills as i go.

Have a great Monday!



  1. ok, i totally misread the title and had to do a double take (pooing gently!!!!!!!!) :)

  2. It should read pootling gently...:-) see what I mean about typos :-)

  3. Have corrected the typo in the title :-) well I guess it's true all this smart techno stuff is only as smart as the person using it :-)

  4. Looks like a lovely time. I had to laugh at the comments about your title. :-)

  5. You did great blogging on your phone! It's neat to have that option. I experimented doing that at least once. Have fun.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. You did a great job.

  7. Dear Helen!
    I was thinking I had not been in touch with you in awhile, then your comment popped up the other day, and then your blog showed up in my blogroll. I have been catching up with your news since March! I am so glad the snowflake/star finally made its way to took several tries and I was not sure I got it right the last time I sent it either :)
    As always, I enjoyed the photos of your travels and flowers and projects. I was sorry to learn your MIL had been in hospital, but am so glad to find out that she is feeling better!
    I just got back from a week of tenting with some of my adult children at the beach for a week and am headed off to southern California on Thursday for the 50th wedding anniversary of my sister and brother-in-law My blogging posts have been few and far between with my galavanting around over the last few months :)
    I'm glad you are having a break in some of your busyness and I am very impressed you posted from your camera!
    Wishing you happiness xx

  8. A little pootling is always a good thing isn't it! xx


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