Sunday, 29 September 2013

Slip Sliding Away...

...into the Autumn.  September is nearly over, in the blink of an eye we will be into October. 

The weather today has been glorious, so after running a few errands DH and I headed up to our local Outwoods, nothing too strenuous as I am still left quite breathless from my recent illness, but a gentle stroll was just the thing.

On first glance the woods seemed to still be in summer mode...

But, look closer and signs of Autumn were everywhere...
... a stunning blue toadstool like in a fairy tale...

...autumn leaves, these are sweet chestnut...

...from the mighty oak...

....and from the birch trees...

 ...huddled together, a group of little toadstools...

...and a solitary one just peeking from amongst the grass and fallen leaves...
....all signs that the autumn is getting ready to launch in full swing.  And now home for one of DH's legendary roast dinners.  Just the thing for these evenings that are now drawing in so quickly.
Enjoy a lovely, cosy Sunday evening everyone!


  1. What a great day for you to stroll along and get some fresh air and exercise! I find mushrooms so interesting. Some are edible and some are poisonous.. scary! I'm glad you're feeling better an enjoy your roast dinner! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a beautiful the blue toadstool. Hope you soon feel 100% chick xxxx

  3. What a beautiful the blue toadstool. Hope you soon feel 100% chick xxxx

  4. It sounds like the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Hugs to you and hope you continue to feel better.

  5. So glad you are feeling better, Helen, and were able to share some of your good hike with us. Mushrooms are such interesting shapes and colors, and autumn leaves especially lovely. I am cozy inside with Foyles War playing and rain pelting down outside. Blessings to you and yours.
    Gracie xx

  6. Wow what great Pictures and beautiful scenery. It sure is autum and we are having a big storm here tonight... So much rain , we evn lost power for a little while.
    Thanks for visiting me Helen! Have a wonderful week.

  7. Lovely photos. It sounds like you had a nice little outing.

  8. Loved your photos of the mushrooms! We just got done with some very stormy (and abnormal) weather here in the Pacific NW, and I am now looking forward to getting some sunny, warmer early autumn weather to go strolling into the woods too.
    Glad you were up to a walk. Take care!

  9. Toadstools and Mushrooms at the end of September, bet there out in force now. Have only just caught up with your Blog!!!


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