Saturday, 22 June 2013

Keeping calm and crocheting on...

Good morning everyone, Saturday is here at last!

What a week - very stressful, mainly work related it has to be said.  And there is every indication that next week will be stressful as well.

But there are always moments to be savoured along the way.  My bestest friend Sue from crafts@home came around on Monday for our usual crafty/chatty get-together.

I was doing a bit of messing around with crochet and completed this

 which ended up like this... far there are two of these squares...

...I only need five of them.  These five will be made into a little gift for my mum-in-law who has been really ill this year.  She is recovering from her illness, but is now quite depressed.  She always used to be the one running everything, now others are having to help her (which they are happy to do).  But she is fiercely independent so as you can imagine she is feeling very down and helpless.  So I hope a little gift might just cheer her up even if just a tiny bit.  Any guesses as to what 5 crochet squares can be made into? 

Also, I'm a big believer in having a sweet treat when times are stressful.  So my daughter and I decided to make this:

A yummy trifle!! We used a veggie friendly jelly which was simply scrummy, and used biscuit rusks (these are like biscotti) instead of sponge fingers as these give a lovely substantial texture.  The custard was strawberry flavoured and the topping was a strawberry flavoured whip we bought from a Turkish Supermarket.  And then of course we loaded the strawberries on top ( one or two from the punnet had to be tested for quality first of course)

Hoping to grab a bit of stress-free time this weekend before going back into the maelstrom next week...

Have a lovely weekend, whatever it is you get up to!



  1. Wow.That looks good.I am intrigued as to what you are making with an odd number of suares!

  2. Trifle looks lovely. I hope your M.I.L gets better soon.

  3. Yes, it's not easy to accept help especially when you've been used to doing everything! That square is fantastic, I hope I can do things like this one day! :) x

  4. Sorry life is so stressful, glad you are finding some comfort in yarn and sweets. I think you are making a small neck warmer, or a bag. You are very lovely to make this for your MIL.
    Hang in there.

  5. The trifle looks yummy
    Hope your MIL gets better soon. I think you are making some kind of box - four sides and base.... to put little trinklets in..?

  6. I hope your week is better than you think and the stress improves x

  7. I think you may have made her a little table runner for under her bouquets of flowers? The trifle looks just magnifique! We're on a lo-cal thing so I can't wish for a bite. I've lost 25 lbs! Enjoy your peaceful weekend and don't let the stress of next week get you! Breathe deeply and smile. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Yum yum! Can you save me some of that trifle please, it looks delicious :P
    Hermione's World

  9. Lovely trifle and lovely crochet, I'm intrigued,5 squares ,hmm, can't wait to find out. hope your coming week isn't as stressful. keep smiling,XxXxXx

  10. Trifle looks wonderful! Very tasty! I wonder what you are making with 5 squares?
    Hold on tight, nearly the end of term just 4 weeks and the last one is usually a bit easier! Best wishes to your Mum x

  11. I know :) The trifle looks yummy
    and is it ok for tomorrow night?

  12. Is the crochet going to be a box?

  13. Love your crochet squares--they're beautiful! I am sure your MIL will love it and will appreciate the time and love that went into making it!
    I sincerely hope your MIL starts feeling happier-it is very hard for some people to accept help, but maybe it would help if she saw the help as love gifts from her family to her. I hope also that your stress lessens:)

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