Saturday, 21 April 2012

Invite to Craft it Forward

Hello everyone!

Im gradually getting back into the old routine, having been back at work this week.  Im still operating on Jordanian time though and getting up 2 hours too early! Having said that, Im quite liking it as I can get on with things before the rest of the house gets up and gets going.  I have just made (and eaten!) a traditional Jordanian breakfast of falafel, olives, zatar and oil, and boiled chickpeas with garlic and spices and of course lashings of yummy bread.  This means no more cooking or any kind of lunching nonsense until our main evening meal.  Im sure this is quite healthy and of course labour saving as I only have 2 meals to worry about!  We just have some fruit and yoghurt if we get a bit hungry between times.

Anyway...I mentioned in my last post before my holidays that I had been the very lucky recipient of a Craft it Forward gift from the lovelySue at Kraftycupcake.  I was so excited to have been chosen to receive one of her awesome needlecases.  Im a bit disorganised with needles, and can never find my favourites.  So this is just such a brilliant thing for me to get myself sorted out with - and not only is it highly functional, but looks beautiful too

Just look at the detail on the cover, such sweet bunting

And Sue had thoughtfully filled the pages inside with needles all ready for me to use

so this little cutie is now sitting next to my crafting chair all ready for me to resume my crafting activities!  Thank you so much Sue, it is just what I needed!!

So.....I now need to invite 5 of you lovely bloggers to join me in the Moonstruckcreations Craft it Forward!  If you would like to join in this is what you need to do:

  • leave me a comment to say you would like to join in the Craft it Forward
  • The first 5 bloggers will be chosen - so first come, first served!!
  • During the next year the 5 chosen will receive a surprise hand-made gift from me
  • You will then need to post about the Craft it Forward and invite 5 bloggers to join you - and you will send each of these 5 something hand made by you within the next year
What I love about the Craft it Forward is that we have a whole year to sort it out so no pressurising short term deadlines.  Also the gift received is a surprise!  Although it would be good to check out your participant's blog so you can get an idea of what they are into - as Sue must have done to sort me out such a delightful needlecase!

I really hope you will join me in the Craft it Forward!

have a great weekend



  1. How fun! I love stuff like this. I will do it if you choose me. :)

    1. consider yourself chosen as you are the firt to respond! Just looking for 4 more bloggers to join in now...


  2. I love the sound of your breakfast :D PJ x

  3. I'd love to join in.any chance?I love the needlecase.What a lovely gift.

    1. It would be lovely if you would join in!


  4. Hi Helen, you won my giveaway - yay!! Please email me at nickyp75 at gmail dot com with your address :p


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