Saturday, 3 December 2011

Heart is where the home is...

Morning everyone!

Im still making lots of crafty gift things so cant reveal too much just yet.  But thought I would show you a couple of things I have made for me...

In the true tradition of my obessions with hearts we have

Felt heart made by me, but can't claim credit for the wooden heart!

And another one

The amount of pleasure I get from making these felt hearts is amazing - I just love handsewing! And I pop a bit of lavender inside so they smell nice as well..

Have a great Saturday! 



  1. Oh I LOVE these more textured hearts! So beautiful! BTW, I didn't get mine. Not that I'm complaining just letting you know there might have been a posty issue.


  2. The hearts are really cool. I love applique with felt. Nice work.

  3. They look so pretty, I bet they smell lovely too! x

  4. Beautiful hearts,I think these are my favorites. Well done and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Very pretty hearts.

    My three boys tower over me!!
    Julie xxxxx

  6. I love those hearts.Will we get to see what else you have been making.I hope so.Barbara

  7. I like making these too, mainly cos I'm afraid of my sewing machine, but I like that you can hand-sew in front of the tv. Yours are really pretty.

  8. Hearts are gorgeous, I have thought of getting into my felt decorations a bit more this year...I know I am a crochet person, but its always fun to dabble in other things :)


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