Thursday, 9 June 2011

Castles and Windows...

Hi everyone!

Over the last bank holiday weekend me, my DH and 2 of my lovely brood took an afternoon jaunt out to Tatershall Castle

It is set in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside

I love going to these kind of places, not least because whilst DH reads ALL the display labels AND listens to the audio guide I can fiff faff around with my camera to my hearts content without getting "why are you taking photos of THAT"??!!  (btw DH is a truly lovely, gorgeous man but doesnt really have much creative flair - well, he is an engineer after all....)

so I decided I would take photos of the very interesting windows in the castle.  There was stained glass....old:

and not so old:

The details on it suggests that it might have been made for the milennium celebrations.

Interesting views accross the lawn through ancient glass:

If only the old Playschool TV programme (showing my age here folks!!) had an interestingly shaped window like this (and today we are looking through the arched with an interestingly shaped top window)

Looking through one of the arrow slits:

All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon out was had by all!



  1. Never been here but it looks like a great place to visit, glad the weather was nice for you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. look's great, I adore stained glass window's. i loved that modern one. thank you for sharing. x

  3. Love the views through the different windows! The stained glass is amazing! :) x

  4. Lovely post - just catching up with 'blog world' after resting for awhile - full steam ahead now :-) S X

  5. Hi there, it looks like a wonderful day out,now I wonder where you were all going to the other day when Jethro saw you all dressed to the nines? :)
    See you soon
    Sue Xxx

  6. Must have been a wonderful day, the pics are very tempting!

  7. one of my aunties used to live there! (tatershall not the castle!) we used to run around fields alot! its beautiful there

  8. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know you're my swapper :) I've just about got my head around the set up (early morning brain!). I'm wondering whether you're close by to me if you live near Tattershall! If you want to drop me an e-mail my address is bibbitybob (at) xx


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